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Gandharvanpattu is a ritual artform in North Kerala.[1][2] This ritual is mainly performed by Vannan.[3] There is five theyyams called Rudhirakkali, Varavakkali, Devathe, Mekkkaruvaal, Gandharvan in gandharvanpattu,[4] this ritual is performed for the blessing of bhootam. The ritual is performed in the style of kalam pattu in Kavu;[5][6] in past times this artform is performed on the houses where pregnant women live[7] to eliminate different kinds of badha(ghost). Pulluvaveena and Pulluvakkudam are also used in Gandharvan Pattu.[8]

In 2017 this artform is performed again in stage.[9][10]

This art is also known as Kenthran Pattu[11]