Ganzourgou Province

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Location in Burkina Faso
Location in Burkina Faso
Provincial map of its departments
Provincial map of its departments
Country Burkina Faso
RegionPlateau-Central Region
 • Total1,613 sq mi (4,178 km2)
 • Total319,830
Time zoneUTC+0 (GMT 0)

Ganzourgou is a province of Burkina Faso and is in Plateau-Central Region. The capital of Ganzourgou is Zorgho, which is along the road between Ouagadougou and Niamey, Niger. Other important localities in the province are Mogtédo and Méguet; the population of Ganzourgou in 2006 was 319,830.[1]

Ganzourgou is divided into 8 departments:

The Departments of Ganzourgou
Commune Capital Population
(Census 2006)[1]
Boudry Department Boudry 80,948
Kogho Department Kogho 15,790
Méguet Department Méguet 34,724
Mogtédo Department Mogtédo 50,809
Salogo Department Salogo 21,405
Zam Department Zam 39,582
Zorgho Department Zorgho 46,898
Zoungou Department Zoungou 29,674

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Coordinates: 12°14′17″N 0°47′08″W / 12.23806°N 0.78556°W / 12.23806; -0.78556