Gay bashing

Gay bashing and gay bullying is an attack, abuse, or assault committed against a person, perceived by the aggressor to be gay, bisexual, or transgender. The attack may be verbal; this can include abuse, bullying or assaults perpetrated against a heterosexual person who the attacker perceives to be LGBT. A "bashing" may be a violent incident, with the verb form being used: to bash. Physical gay bashings have involved extreme violence and murder, such as the fatal gay bashing of Matthew Shepard. A verbal gay bashing might use sexual slurs, expletives and threatened violence, it might take place in a political forum and include one or more common anti-gay slogans. Bullying of gay/LGBT people involves intentional actions toward the victim, repeated negative actions by one or more people against another person, an imbalance of physical or psychological power. Similar terms such as gay bullying, lesbian bullying, queer bullying, queer bashing may be formed. Homophobia and gay bashing are longstanding and current issues, have been documented worldwide for as long as gay people have been documented.

Homophobia in the United States was documented in the press in the late 1940s and early 1950s, when many gay people were forced out of government by boards set up by Presidents Harry S. Truman and Dwight D. Eisenhower; as historian David K. Johnson explains: The Lavender Scare helped fan the flames of the Red Scare. In popular discourse and homosexuals were conflated. Both groups were perceived as hidden subcultures with their own meeting places, cultural codes, bonds of loyalty. Both groups were thought to recruit to their ranks the psychologically disturbed, and both groups were considered godless. Many people believed. Johnson concludes that Senator Joe McCarthy, notorious for his attacks on alleged communists in government, was pressured by his allies to denounce homosexuals in government, but he resisted and did not do so. Using rumors collected by Drew Pearson, one Nevada publisher wrote in 1952 that both McCarthy and his chief counsel, Roy Cohn, were homosexuals. Washington Post editor Benjamin C.

Bradlee said, "There was a lot of time spent investigating" these allegations, "although no one came close to proving it." No reputable McCarthy biographer has accepted it as probable. Egale Canada conducted a survey of more than 3700 high school students in Canada between December 2007 and June 2009; the final report of the survey, "Every Class in Every School", published in 2011, found that 70% of all students participating heard "that's so gay" daily at school, 48% of respondents heard "faggot", "lezbo" and "dyke" daily. 58% or about 1400 of the 2400 heterosexual students participating in EGALE's survey found homophobic comments upsetting. Further, EGALE found that students not directly affected by homophobia, biphobia or transphobia were less aware of it; this finding relates to research done in the area of empathy gaps for social pain which suggests that those not directly experiencing social pain underestimate its effects and thus may not adequately respond to the needs of one experiencing social pain.

EGALE, along with previous research has found teachers and school administration may be complicit in queer bullying through their silence and/or inaction. Graffiti found on school grounds and property, its "relative permanence", is another form of queer bullying; some researchers suggest including youth questioning their sexuality in any research on queer bullying because they may be as susceptible to its effects as queer students. A research study of 78 eleven to fourteen-year-old boys conducted in twelve schools in London, England between 1998 and 1999 revealed that respondents who used the word "gay" to label another boy in a derogatory manner intended the word as "just a joke", "just a cuss" and not as a statement of one's perceived sexual orientation. American sociologist Michael Kimmel and American psychologist Gregory Herek write that masculinity is a renunciation of the feminine and that males shore up their sense of their masculinity by denigrating the feminine and the homosexual.

Building on the notion of masculinity defining itself by what it is not, some researchers suggest that in fact the renunciation of the feminine may be misogyny. These intertwining issues were examined in 2007, when American sociologist CJ Pascoe described what she calls the "fag discourse" at an American high school in her book, You're a Fag. Gay and lesbian youth are more to report bullying. In one study, boys who were bullied with taunts of being gay suffered more bullying and more negative effects compared with boys who were bullied with other categories of taunting. Gay and lesbian youth can develop severe forms of anxiety as they grow up. 71.4% of LGBT people experience Major Depressive Disorder. For LGBT individuals, MDD can be caused by any of the following: self-esteem, pressure to conform, minority stress, coming out, family rejection, relationship formation, violence. Self-esteem and pressure to conform can cause anxiety for LGBT youth; when they are told what to look like and whom to love, it puts a toll on their self-esteem.

When people make comments about who they are, what they look like, whom they love, etc. it begins to make them feel insecure, as though they aren't good enough the way they are. "Coming-out" is when an LGBT individual makes it known that they are gay, etc. Coming out can be stressful, youth need family support at this time, but they instead experience rejection, leaving them feeling unwanted and u

Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O. 2

Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U. F. O. 2 is a cassette by Acid Mothers Temple & the Melting Paraiso U. F. O. Released in February 1997 by the band's own label in a limited edition of 50 copies, along with its companion release Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U. F. O. 1. The cassette includes some of the first sessions of the band, recorded at Acid Mothers Temple from 1995 to 1997. Most of the songs were released in different forms on the band's eponymous debut album and other recordings; the material on the cassette was reissued by Synesthetic Recordings in 2007 as part of the compilation The Early Acid Mothers Temple Recordings 1995-1997. Side A: L: "Zen Feedbacker" / R: "Candy Aum" – 3:14 "Pink Lady Lemonade" – 12:54 "Tibetan Esoteric Rage" – 5:44Side B: "Aunt Ema Blues" ~ "Glutton For Punishment" – 6:18 "Rolling Buzz Fuzz Fucker" – 5:00 "Satori LSD" – 8:29 Cotton Casino – voices, synthesizer Suhara Keizo – bass Koizumi Hajime – drums, saxophone Kawabata Makotoguitar, sarangi, bagpipe, voices, engineer Additional personnelMomo – bass Higashi Hiroshi – guitar Takahashi Atsuki – drums Yasuda Hisashi – percussion Sakakibara Daiji – didgeridoo Mano Kazuhiko – saxophone Ishida Yoko – violin Johan Wellens – cosmic narration

Ehrgeiz (TV series)

Ehrgeiz (ネクスト戦記EHRGEIZ, Nekusuto senki EHRGEIZ, is an original 1997 Japanese anime from et, with animation by Studio Deen, produced by d-rights and BeStack. The title is a mix of German; the North American release by Bandai Entertainment used only the German "Ehrgeiz" which, when translated into English, means "Ambition". The show aired on Tokyo TV, Ehrgeiz ran on the Cable/Satellite channel AT-X in 1999. Earth started space colonization by creating the Next Colonies. Next rebelled, created the Next Government; the rebellion became a war, the multi-purpose Metal Vehicles, MVs for short, were changed for battle purposes. Meanwhile, Terra, an Earth Rebellion force, started creating more trouble for Earth. Now, a mysterious MV-like being, S. A. C, is loose, Next wants it so that they can win the war. Terra's psychic leader, has been sensing "S", wants to know more about the power it has; the future of these three groups will be up to a bunch of outlaws who live on the abandoned Next 7 colony, though no one knows that yet....

Jay Striker Voiced by: Mitsuo Iwata The "Hero" of the story. He was once a member of the Next forces, as an MV pilot. Camel Voiced by: Joji Nakata A "cool" businessman type. Balzak Voiced by: Osamu Osaka A former Next forces soldier. Ken Voiced by: Urara Takano Anne's brother, his parents were killed in the battle of "Next 7"Anne Voiced by: Ikue Otani Ken's sister. Her parents were killed in the battle of "Next 7"Gord Voiced by: Masamichi Sato An MV developer. An MV pilot for Earth's military. Roddy Voiced by: Hiyama Nobuyuki Characterized by his pouty lips. A former MV pilot for Earth's military. Akane Aoi Voiced by: Miyuki Ichijou Captain of the Next forces. Arnold Voiced by: Yusaku Yara A Next forces cyborg. S. A. C. was developed to capture his bodily tissues. Hal Voiced by: Nozomu Sasaki The leader of the Revolutionary Organization TERRA on Earth, he is a psychic. Galbraith Voiced by: Genda Tesshō Hal's bodyguard. Carl Voiced by: Mitsuaki Hoshino Akane's subordinate. Killed in action as soon as he is introduced.

MV Stands for "Metal Vehicle". This is. S S. A. C. is mounted in an unmanned, state-of-the-art MV. S. A. C. Stands for "System of Absolutely Conscience". VHS tapes and LaserDisc's of Ehrgeiz began released with the First Volume released on May 25, 1998, the Second on June 25, the Third on July 25, the Fourth on August 25, the Fifth on September 25, the Sixth on October 25, all the same year. In 1999, began releasing Subtitled VHS volumes. The first two volumes released in November and December of that year, the final four volumes released between January and March 2000. Opening theme "Dream Jack" by HUMMING BIRD Episodes 1-12Ending theme "One Voice for Ehrgeiz" by Mariko Fukui Episodes 1-12 Japanese Ehrgeiz page Ehrgeiz page. English Official d-rights Site Ehrgeiz at Anime News Network's encyclopedia