Gayathripuzha River

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Gayathripuzha River
Cheerakuzhy puzha.jpg
View from Pazhayannur
Gayathripuzha River is located in Kerala
Gayathripuzha River
Gayathripuzha River is located in India
Gayathripuzha River
Physical characteristics
 ⁃ coordinates
10°40′32″N 76°27′07″E / 10.6756147°N 76.4520215°E / 10.6756147; 76.4520215

Gayathripuzha River is one of the main tributaries of the Bharathapuzha River, the second-longest river in Kerala, south India. It originates from Anaimalai hills, passes through Kollengode, Nenmara (Nemmara), Alathur, Padur and Pazhayannur before joining the Bharathapuzha at Mayannur, it is the second largest tributary of Bharathapuzha, by both length and discharge. It flows mainly through Palakkad district, except the last few kilometres; the river is non-perennial like its parent river, and is also prone of sand mining. There is a dam built across this river at Cherakkuzhy near Pazhayannur.

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