Geary Street, Park and Ocean Railway

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Geary Street, Park and Ocean Railway
Locale San Francisco, California
Transit type cable cars
Began operation 1880
Ended operation 1912
Operator(s) Geary Street, Park & Ocean Railway (1880-1887), Market Street Railway (1887-1912), San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (1912-present)
Track gauge 4 ft 8 12 in (1,435 mm),
Old gauge 5 ft (1,524 mm), converted in 1892

The Geary Street, Park and Ocean Railway was one of the first cable car operators in San Francisco. Operation commenced in 1880, and the route soon proved quite popular.[1] The line was purchased by the Market Street Railway in 1887.[2] In 1912, the city declined to renew the franchise and instead took over operation of the Geary Street railway.[3] The line was converted into an electric streetcar line, forming the first element of the San Francisco Municipal Railway (Muni) that was to come to be synonymous with transit in that city. Muni replaced the street cars with motor coaches in 1956. Today, the bus routes that serve the Geary corridor are the most heavily used in San Francisco.[4]

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