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Generalkommandoen (1922-1950) (English: the General command) is the first combined command of the armed forces of Denmark, though neither with unified administration and operational control of all forces.

Generalstaben was incorporated into Generalkommandoen in 1932.

Generalkommandoen was erected in Army law of 1922, adopted by Rigsdagen on August 7, 1922, it was terminated in 1950, following the Danish defense reform of 1950, which split it into Forsvarschefen, Forsvarsstaben, Hærkommandoen, Søværnskommandoen and Flyverkommandoen.

In 1970 the commands were combined again to form a unified command structure under the name of Defence Command

Chiefs of Generalkommandoen[edit]

Chief of the General Command Took office Left office Time in office Ref
Peter Laurids Martin Birke
Birke, PeterLieutenant general
Peter Laurids Martin Birke
7 August 1922October 19264 years, 1 month[1]
Anders Gjedde Nyholm
Nyholm, AndersLieutenant general
Anders Gjedde Nyholm
October 192631 July 19314 years, 9 months.
Erik With [da]
With, ErikLieutenant general
Erik With [da]
August 1931November 19398 years, 3 months[2]
William Wain Prior
Prior, WilliamLieutenant general
William Wain Prior
1 December 19391 October 19411 year, 10 months[3]
Ebbe Gørtz [da]
Gørtz, EbbeLieutenant general
Ebbe Gørtz [da]
1 October 19413 July 19519 years, 9 months[4]


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