Genevieve Gilles

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Genevieve Gilles
Genevieve Gilles Mike Connors Mannix 1973.JPG
Gilles with Mike Connors in Mannix, 1973
Born Geneviève Gillaizeau
1946 (age 71–72)
Paris, France
Occupation Actress
Years active 1969–1973

Geneviève Gilles (born Geneviève Gillaizeau; 1946) is a French actress. She has appeared in one film and one television show. She was the lover of film producer Darryl Zanuck (1965–1973).[1]

Raised as an orphan in convent schools, the 19-year-old Gillaizeau found Darryl Zanuck irresistible. "He was 63, but his age didn't bother me," she says now. "He was wonderful, very powerful and smart. About sex, he was like Picasso."[2][3][4][5]


In 1988, Darryl F. Zanuck's daughter filed a malicious prosecution suit against her late father's mistress, Genevieve Gilles, who had contested the movie producer's will. The suit, filed by Darrylin Zanuck de Pineda, sought unspecified damages against Genevieve Gillaizeau, 41, of New York, for alleged malicious prosecution. It also sought unspecified damages against her attorneys for allegedly failing to investigate the facts and law.

Ms. Gillaizeau claimed Zanuck suffered from Alzheimer's disease and was influenced by his family to change his will in October 1973, eliminating her as an heir to his estate, valued at $3.4 million. An earlier will had left her 40% of the estate. Ms. de Pineda's suit claimed the former mistress falsely accused her of exerting undue influence on her father to change the 1973 will.

Zanuck's will was settled on January 8, 1988 after Ms. Gillaizeau provided that her claim on the estate would be given to Yeshiva University in New York. The university received a $50,000 payment.[6]


  • The World of Fashion (1969, Documentary short)
  • Hello-Goodbye (1970) as Dany (Baroness)
  • Mannix (1973, TV Series) as Genevieve – Episode: "Carol Lockwood, Past Tense"


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