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View of Gennargentu and Gusana Lake in spring
Highest point
Peak Punta La Marmora
Elevation 1,834 m (6,017 ft)
Country Italy
State/Province Sardinia
Range coordinates 40°01′N 9°19′E / 40.017°N 9.317°E / 40.017; 9.317Coordinates: 40°01′N 9°19′E / 40.017°N 9.317°E / 40.017; 9.317

Gennargentu (IPA: [dʒennarˈdʒɛntu]) is a large massif in central-southern Sardinia, Italy, encompassing the provinces of Nuoro and Ogliastra. It includes the highest peaks on the island, such as Punta La Marmora (1,834 m), Monte Spada (1,595 m), Punta Erba Irdes (1,676 m), Bruncu Spina (1,829 m) and Punta Paulinu (1,792 m).

The range forms part of the Gennargentu National Park. Geologically, its rocks are amongst the oldest in Europe, and are therefore smooth shaped: rock types include schist, limestone and granite.


The etymology of the name Gennargentu isn't attested, it could mean Door of Silver (Sardinian language: jenna de argentu), Door of the Winds (Sardinian language: Jenna de bentu) or Door of absinthium.

Ski Resorts[edit]

The mountains are home to the only ski resorts on the island: on Monte Spada, Bruncu Spina, Separadorgiu and S'Arena.[1][2]


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