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Geography of Bahrain

The Kingdom of Bahrain consists of Bahrain Island and 33 of the 37 Bahrain Islands, lying in the Persian Gulf's Gulf of Bahrain off the north shore of Asia's Arabian Peninsula. Bahrain's capital city is Manama; the islands are about 24 kilometers off 28 kilometers from Qatar. The total area of the country is about 780 square kilometers, about 3.5 times the size of the District of Columbia. Bahrain Island accounts for about 78 % of the kingdom's land area, it is 48 kilometers long from north to south and at its widest point stretches 16 kilometers from east to west. The island is surrounded by several of the Middle East's large petroleum fields and commands a strategic position amid the Persian Gulf's shipping lanes. Following the return of Janan to Qatar in March 2001, that state of Bahrain consists of 33 natural islands in the Bahrain Islands archipelago. Around most of Bahrain is a shallow inlet of the Persian Gulf known as the Gulf of Bahrain; the seabed adjacent to Bahrain is rocky and off the northern part of the island, covered by extensive coral reefs.

Most of the island is barren desert. Outcroppings of limestone form low rolling hills, stubby cliffs, shallow ravines; the limestone is covered by various densities of saline sand, capable of supporting only the hardiest desert vegetation – chiefly thorn trees and scrub. There is a fertile strip five kilometers wide along the northern coast on which date, almond and pomegranate trees grow; the interior contains an escarpment that rises to 134 meters, the highest point on the island, to form Jabal ad Dukhan, named for the mists that wreathe the summit. Most of the country's oil wells are situated in the vicinity of Jabal ad Dukhan. One author writes about the geology of the nation: "Bahrein lies on a portion of the ancient Tethys Ocean geosynclinal belt represented today by the Persian Gulf; the formation of the principal island is the result of pressure from the mountain masses of Persia against the crystalline platform of central Asia, the thrust being absorbed by gentle folding in the geosynclines.

The structure of Bahrein is that of a large, closed dome covering the entire faulting". Rocks exposed at the surface consist of: Recent sands and coquinas forming flat, raised beaches surrounding the island from which the surface rises to an elevation 150 to 200 feet above sea level. At this point it breaks away into inward-facing cliffs eighty to one hundred feet high surrounding an oval central depression about twelve miles long and four wide. Pleistocene sands, cross bedded and wind deposited, lying in the canyon. Miocene silicious clay covering a limited area. Eocene limestone covering most of the island, the central region of which, known as “Jabal Dukhār “Mountain of Smoke”, rises to a point 439 feet above sea level; the limestone is porous and is the source of most of the water in the northern half of the island. In addition to Bahrain Island, other islands of significance include Nabih Saleh, northwest of Sitrah. Nabih Saleh contains several freshwater springs that are used to irrigate the island's extensive date palm groves.

The rocky islet of Jiddah housed the state prison but has now been converted to a holiday resort. Hawar and the fifteen small islands near it are the subject of a territorial dispute between Bahrain and Qatar. Hawar is nineteen kilometers long and about one half kilometers wide; the other islands are nesting sites for a variety of migratory birds. Bahrain features an arid climate. Bahrain has two seasons: an hot summer and a mild winter. During the summer months, from April to October, afternoon temperatures average 39 °C and can reach 46 °C during June and July; the combination of intense heat and high humidity makes this season uncomfortable. In addition, a hot, dry southwest wind, known locally as the qaws, periodically blows sand clouds across the barren southern end of Bahrain toward Manama in the summer. Temperatures moderate in the winter months, from November to March, when the range is between 10 and 20 °C. However, humidity rises above 90% in the winter. From December to March, prevailing winds from the northwest, known as the shamal, bring damp air over the islands.

Regardless of the season, daily temperatures are uniform throughout the archipelago. Bahrain receives little precipitation; the average annual rainfall is 72 millimeters confined to the winter months. No permanent rivers or streams exist on any of the islands; the winter rains tend to fall in brief, torrential downpours, flooding the shallow wadis that are dry the rest of the year and impeding transportation. Little of the rainwater is saved for drinking. However, there are numerous natural springs on adjacent islands. Underground freshwater deposits extend beneath the Persian Gulf to the Saudi Arabian coast. Since ancient times, these springs have attracted settlers to the archipelago. Despite increasing salinization, the springs remain an important source of drinking water for Bahrain. Since the early 1980s, desalination plants, which render seawater suitable for domestic and industrial use, have provided about 60% of daily water consumption needs. Area: total:780 km² country comparison to the world: 188 land:780 km² water: 0 km²Area comparative USA - 3.5 times the size of Washington D.

C. Land boundaries: 0 km Coastline: 161 km Mariti

Joel Moss Levinson

Joel Moss Levinson is a writer, comedian from Yellow Springs, Ohio. He collaborates with his older brother, Stephen Levinson, as the Levinson Brothers. In 2016 they began work on a musical comedy called "Boy Band," the story of a late 1990s Boy Band who were wildly successful but have now gotten older and balder and haven't realized they are no longer "boys." The movie was filmed in and around Dayton and gained attention from national publication Newsweek as a new approach to advance the "decentralization of comedy." The movie features Questlove, Chase Crawford, Gilbert Gottfried and stars Steve Agee, Jordan Carlos, Dave Hill, Seth Herzog as the boy band "The Heartthrob Boyz," and was the subject of a successful Kickstarter campaign. The pair were a part of TedX Dayton 2014, speaking about successful collaboration. Along with their third partner, CONAN and former Daily Show writer Rob Kutner, the Levinson Brothers released "2776" a comedy/musical album benefitting the charity OneKid OneWorld.

Featuring Aimee Mann, Patton Oswalt, Ed Helms, Reggie Watts, Ira Glass, Nina Totenberg, Will Forte, Rebirth Brass Band, Yo La Tengo, Margaret Cho, Neko Case, Kelly Hogan, Dick Cavett, Dick Gregory, k.d. lang, Will Arnett, Alex Trebek and more, the album appeared on the Billboard Comedy charts. The album's liner notes were written by George Saunders and appeared in the New Yorker Joel composed the music for all but two of the 28 tracks. In 2012, the Levinson Brothers and Rob Kutner released an EP called "It's OK To Do Stuff" in celebration of the 40th anniversary of "Free To Be You And Me." Made up of songs satirizing the original with songs about gender, childhood and relationships. "It's Okay to Do Stuff is first and foremost meant to be funny — and it is, most of the time. Here, the earnestness of Free to Be is replaced with satire, but irony is the ethos of our age, remember?" The album features Lizzy Caplan, Fred Willard, Jane Weidlin, Steven Page, Colin Hanks, Fred Stoller, Eddie Pepitone, Eugene Mirman and others.

Joel gained national attention in 2008 as an Internet personality who professionally wins consumer generated marketing contests, earned more than money and prizes, by creating corporate jingles and short commercials. Levinson grew up in Ohio, his father Jim was a prosecutor and his mother was a writer. He attended George Washington University for a few semesters, he worked for the KIO region for BBYO and traveled the country as a song leader for the organization. In November 2008, he appeared on The Tonight Show to talk about his contest winnings. Joel was named an Access Hollywood Rising Star on December 1, 2008. In 2009 he appeared on CBS News with Katie Couric. Planet Smoothie Cupman Klondike bar Little Penguin Wines Best Western Delta Air Lines American National CattleWomen Israel Project Thanksgivvukah for Manischewitz Evelyn Ryan Official website

Hilde Gunn Olsen

Hilde Gunn Olsen is a Norwegian women's footballer, who plays for SKN St. Pölten in the ÖFB-Frauenliga. Olsen plays as a goalkeeper. Olsen is from Flekkerøy in Kristiansand. Olsen made two appearances for Swedish club Linköpings FC in the 2014–15 UEFA Women's Champions League, she has represented Norway at U23 level. Olsen has played for AIK Fotboll Dam, Klepp IL, Røa IL and Fløy. In June 2015, Olsen terminated her contract with Arna Biørnar by mutual consent. In July, during the FA Women's League mid-season break, she signed for Sunderland. In September 2017, Olsen transferred to Ayia Napa FC. In 2018, whilst playing for Lyn, she refused to support a gay pride initiative in which players held up posters before a Toppserien match with Vålerenga, she was the only player. World Football Profile Hilde Gunn Olsen at Soccerway

Jet Star 2 (Lagoon)

Jet Star 2 is a steel sitdown roller coaster at Lagoon Amusement Park in Farmington, Utah. It opened in 1976. Jet Star 2 was designed by famous ride designer Anton Schwarzkopf and was first operated at the 1974 World's Fair in Spokane, WA. After the fair ended, Lagoon purchased Jet Star 2 and relocated it to the park in 1976. Since its relocation to Lagoon, the ride is and has always been a central part of the North Midway section of Lagoon. Jet Star 2 has had many mechanical problems over the years but the system has been overhauled to be more reliable in recent years. Jet Star 2 had a blinking lighted sign at the top of the lift hill; this sign was removed when the ride was repainted with its current bright red and yellow color scheme in 2006. Before 2005, the colors on the Jet Star 2 were reversed with yellow supports. In 2012, Jet Star 2's loading platform was remodeled so that the capacity could increase due to its constant popularity. Jet Star 2 had a large enough impact with the local residents of Spokane, WA during the 1974 World's Fair that local brewery NoLi Brewhouse has named one of their brews "Jet Star" after the ride.

The ride starts with a spiral lift. Once at the top of the lift, the vehicle descends a hill takes a left turn, another right turn, another smaller drop; the ride goes into a series of drops, turns before hitting the final brake run and stopping at an unloading station. After unloading, the vehicles return to the loading station. Jet Star 2's trains are unique in that they do not have lap bar restraints like a traditional roller coaster. Instead, the restraints are much more like seat belts in a traditional automobile that allow for much more free movement. Riders may have to ride on laps of larger riders; each train has allowing for up to six riders at a time. Lagoon's policy is that no single riders may ride on Jet Star 2


MakeOffices is an American coworking and real estate service company. Its main clientele are small business teams, such as start-up companies and small-time entrepreneurs, that need flexible office space solutions; the company operates in three cities, Chicago and the Washington, DC Metro area. The company was founded by Ray Rahbar, Jason Shrensky, Chris Junior and several others in 2012; the idea of an office-sharing start-up was conceived in 2007. The idea behind it was for start-ups to have less expenses to incur when creating a fresh company, since buying or leasing an office is a big financial burden for many new businesses; the company was funded by several entrepreneurs and the CYwP Fund. The company opened first an 8,500 square feet shared co-office space at 1401 Wilson Blvd. Arlington, Virginia with 25 offices, it was occupied by 47 tech company startups. This was followed by an office in the Tysons area of McLean, Virginia in June 2013, with 16,000 square feet and 47 offices; the third location was opened in the Dupont Circle area of Washington D.

C. with 40,000 square feet, containing 103 offices. In August 2013, United States Senator Mark Warner from Virginia visited the Rosslyn office to talk to tenants and media members about the startup growth in the region. In November 2015, the company changed its name to MakeOffices. In January 2016, MakeOffices expanded into Chicago and opened the first of its 3 coworking and shared office spaces in River North, it opened in Philadelphia's Center neighborhood at the same time. The company offers office spaces; the advantage of leasing an office space in MakeOffices is that it is less expensive than owning or renting an office space. With a month-to-month rental agreement, companies are not locked into an extensive unbreakable lease, giving startups more flexibility. Executive offices and suites and virtual offices are available through MakeOffices. MakeOffices Official website

Osborne, South Australia

Osborne is a suburb in the Australian state of South Australia located on the LeFevre Peninsula in the west of Adelaide about 21 kilometres north-west of the Adelaide city centre. Osborne is bounded to the south by the suburb of Taperoo, to the west by Gulf St Vincent and to the north west by the suburbs of North Haven and Outer Harbor and to the east by the suburb of Torrens Island. Osborne started as a private sub-division in Section 2015 in the cadastral unit of the Hundred of Port Adelaide, it was named after Captain R. W. Osborne. A portion was subsequently added to North Haven; the name was “formally submitted by the City of Port Adelaide at a council meeting held on 10 May 1945” and was formally adopted in 1951 by the Nomenclature Committee. Since 1951, its boundaries have varied. A portion was renamed as North Haven. In March 2006, its boundaries were varied to ensure that the Osborne Maritime Precinct was within its boundaries. In August 2009, its eastern boundary was extended to the centre of the Port River.

Osborneville Post Office opened around 1922. Osborne was known as Brooklyn after the name change from Osborneville. Osborne is the home of a number of industrial employers, including ASC Pty Ltd, a naval ship builder notable for the Royal Australian Navy's Collins class submarines and Hobart-class destroyers. Osborne Power Station, a gas-fired power station. Flinders Ports which has two port facilities located on the suburb's coast with the Port River. Osborne is the home of LeFevre Reserve, which hosts a community centre. There are no schools in the suburb; the closest schools are in the adjacent suburbs of North Taperoo. Adelaide Metro provides two bus services that directly serve the suburb - route 333 that runs between the suburb and Port Adelaide and route 150 that starts on Victoria Road within the suburb and continues to the Adelaide city centre; the Outer Harbor railway line has two stations that serving the suburb - Midlunga railway station and the Osborne railway station, located nearby in the suburb of North Haven.

Osborne is located within the federal division of Hindmarsh, the state electoral district of Port Adelaide and the local government area of the City of Port Adelaide Enfield. List of cities and towns in South Australia Penrice Soda Products Mutton Cove Conservation Reserve