George Clinton (musician)

George Edward Clinton is an American singer, songwriter and record producer. His Parliament-Funkadelic collective developed an influential and eclectic form of funk music during the 1970s that drew on science fiction, outlandish fashion, psychedelic culture, surreal humor, he launched a solo career with the 1982 album Computer Games and would go on to influence 1990s hip-hop and G-funk. Clinton is regarded, along with James Brown and Sly Stone, as one of the foremost innovators of funk music, he was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1997, alongside 15 other members of Parliament-Funkadelic. In 2019, he and Parliament-Funkadelic were given Grammy Lifetime Achievement Awards. Clinton was born in Kannapolis, North Carolina, United States, grew up in Plainfield, New Jersey, resides in Tallahassee, Florida. During his teen years Clinton formed a doo-wop group inspired by Frankie Lymon & the Teenagers called The Parliaments, while straightening hair at a barber salon in PlainfieldThe West End of Plainfield, New Jersey was once home to the Silk Palace, a barbershop at 216 Plainfield Avenue owned in part by Clinton, staffed by various members of Parliament-Funkadelic and known as the "hangout for all the local singers and musicians" in Plainfield's 1950s and 1960s doo-wop, soul and proto-funk music scene.

For a period in the 1960s Clinton was a staff songwriter for Motown. Despite initial commercial failure and one major hit single, as well as arranging and producing scores of singles on many of the independent Detroit soul music labels, The Parliaments found success under the names Parliament and Funkadelic in the 1970s; these two bands combined the elements of musicians such as Jimi Hendrix and the Family Stone, Frank Zappa, James Brown while exploring various sounds and lyricism. Clinton and Parliament-Funkadelic dominated diverse music during the 1970s with over 40 R&B hit singles and three platinum albums. From 1971 to late 1973, Clinton and several other members of the band settled in Toronto. During the years in Toronto, they honed their live show and recorded the album America Eats Its Young, their first to feature Bootsy Collins. In the 1980s, Clinton began to encounter legal difficulties arising from PolyGram's acquisition of Parliament‘s label, Casablanca Records, he recorded several solo albums, although all of these records featured contributions from P-Funk's core musicians.

This period of Clinton's career was marred by multiple legal problems resulting in financial difficulties due to royalty and copyright issues, notably with Bridgeport Music, who Clinton claims fraudulently obtained the copyrights to many of his recordings. In 1982, Clinton was signed to Capitol Records under two names: his own as a solo artist, as the P-Funk All-Stars, releasing Computer Games under his own name that same year; the single "Loopzilla" hit the Top 20 on the R&B charts, followed by "Atomic Dog", which reached #1 R&B and #101 on the pop chart. In the next four years, Clinton released three more studio albums as well as a live album, Mothership Connection and charting three singles in the R&B Top 30, "Nubian Nut", "Last Dance", "Do Fries Go with That Shake?". He is a notable music producer who works on all the albums he performs on, has produced albums for Bootsy Collins and Red Hot Chili Peppers, among others. In 1985, he was recruited by the Chili Peppers to produce their album Freaky Styley, because the band members were huge fans of George Clinton's and of funk in general.

Clinton, wrote the vocals and lyrics to the title track, intended by the band to be left as an instrumental piece. The album was not a commercial success at the time. In 1987, Clinton was recruited to write the theme song for The Tracey Ullman Show, "You're Thinking Right". During the mid to late 1980s, many hip-hop and rap artists cited Clinton's earlier music as an influence. Along with James Brown, Clinton's songs with Parliament-Funkadelic were sampled by rap producers. "Sure, sample my stuff…" he remarked in 1996. "Ain't a better time. You know. You don't buy as much pussy or drugs with it – you just buy some."In 1989, Clinton released The Cinderella Theory on Paisley Park, Prince's record label. This was followed by Hey Man, Smell My Finger in 1993. Clinton signed with Sony 550 and released T. A. P. O. A. F. O. M. in 1996. 1994 saw Clinton contribute to several tracks on Primal Scream's studio album Give Out But Don't Give Up. In 1995, Clinton sang "Mind Games" on the John Lennon tribute Working Class Hero.

In the 1990s, Clinton appeared in films such as Graffiti Bridge, House Party, PCU, Good Burger, The Breaks. In 1997, he appeared. Clinton appeared as the voice of The Funktipus, the DJ of the funk radio station Bounce FM in the 2004 video game Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, in which his song "Loopzilla" appeared. Rapper Dr. Dre sampled Clinton's music, helping to bring about the G-Funk era. In 1999, Clinton collaborated with Lil' Kim and Fred Durst for rap metal group Methods of Mayhem's single "Get Naked". Displaying his influence on rap and hip hop, Clinton worked with Tupac Shakur on the song "Can't C Me" from the album All Eyez on Me.

Ryan MacGrath

Ryan MacGrath is a Canadian singer-songwriter, whose folk-pop style is compared to Rufus Wainwright and Hawksley Workman. Born in Antigonish, Nova Scotia and raised in Guysborough County, he has been an active member of the Halifax music scene, he is based in Innsbruck, Austria. MacGrath first moved to Halifax to study painting at NSCAD. After buying a guitar, he began performing with the band, Ryan MacGrath and the woodenhouse, which released a self-titled EP in 2006 before changing its name to The Missing City Starlight. MacGrath subsequently released a solo EP, In My Own Company, in 2009, the full-length album Cooper Hatch Paris in 2010. MacGrath continues to exhibit his painting. While he was preparing Cooper Hatch Paris, pop singer Chantal Kreviazuk saw and liked one of his gallery pieces, he funded the album in part by auctioning his services as a songwriter, offering to write a romantic Valentine's Day song for the winning bidder and their partner. In 2011, Cooper Hatch Paris was awarded Music Nova Scotia's award for Alternative Recording of the Year.

In addition to this, the recording was nominated for a number of East Coast Music Awards, including Alternative Recording of the Year, Male Solo Recording of the Year and Rising Star Recording of the Year. Two of MacGrath's songs were featured in Thom Fitzgerald's movie Cloudburst, starring Olympia Dukakis and Brenda Fricker. MacGrath contributed "Bird and Cage" from Cooper Hatch Paris and "Like You Do", a song penned for the movie. In November 2011, MacGrath was commissioned by the Mental Health Foundation Nova Scotia to pen a song for their annual gala to raise awareness for mental health. MacGrath performed with a 30-piece gospel choir. MacGrath moved to Austria in January 2012, where he now has residency. Since moving to Austria he has been writing material for his second full-length album and third EP, tentatively titled The Pink Lark, he is gay. Ryan MacGrath and thewoodenhouse In My Own Company Cooper Hatch Paris The Pink Lark That Woods


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