George M. Heath

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George M. Heath in 1913

George M. Heath was a St. Louis scientist who developed a tuberculosis serum in 1913. Charles E. Finlay a New York banker and real estate developer offered a reward of $1,000,000 for a cure for tuberculosis. George M. Heath offered his research to Finlay.[1][2]


  1. ^ "Announces That He Will No Longer Accept Finlay's Aid". New York Times. 1913-03-17. Retrieved 2008-12-12. Arrangements between Charles E. Finlay, the banker, and Dr. George M. Heath of St. Louis for the test of the latter's tuberculosis serum under Mr. Finlay's direction have been broken off. The St. Louis chemist announced to-night that he had been advised by friends to sever connection with Mr. Finlay because of the latter's attitude toward American physicians for their treatment of Dr. Friedmann, the Berlin scientist. 
  2. ^ "Banker Will Pay Expense of Having Fifteen Patients Undergo Dr. Heath's Treatment". New York Times. 1913-02-12. Retrieved 2008-12-12. Charles E. Finlay, New York banker and real estate operator, who has offered a reward of $1,000,000 for the discovery of a cure for tuberculosis, met to-day Dr. George M. Heath of St. Louis, discovered of an anti-tuberculosis serum which the physician asserts is a cure for the disease, and held a conference with him in the Hotel Jefferson.