George V Bridge, Orléans

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George V Bridge, Orléans

Pont George-V
Orléans pont George V 1.jpg
Coordinates 47°53′48″N 1°54′15″E / 47.8967°N 1.9042°E / 47.8967; 1.9042Coordinates: 47°53′48″N 1°54′15″E / 47.8967°N 1.9042°E / 47.8967; 1.9042
CarriesMotor Vehicles, tram
DesignArch Bridge
Total length325m
Longest span32.5m
ArchitectJean Hupeau
DesignerJean Cadet Limay
Engineering design byJohn Pint John Rondel, Robert Soyer
Construction start1751
Construction end1763

The George V Bridge is a road and tram bridge that crosses the Loire in Orléans, France. It is an arched masonry bridge spanning a distance of 325 m. Designed by Jean Hupeau, it was built between 1751 and 1760, at the request of Daniel-Charles Trudaine, administrator and civil engineer. It was renamed in honour of King George V after the World War II out of respect of Britain's role in the war.

Coordinates: 47°53′48″N 1°54′15″E / 47.89667°N 1.90417°E / 47.89667; 1.90417