George V Bridge, Orléans

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George V Bridge, Orléans
Pont George-V
Orléans pont George V 1.jpg
Coordinates 47°53′48″N 1°54′15″E / 47.8967°N 1.9042°E / 47.8967; 1.9042Coordinates: 47°53′48″N 1°54′15″E / 47.8967°N 1.9042°E / 47.8967; 1.9042
Carries Motor Vehicles, tram
Crosses Loire
Locale Orleans
Design Arch Bridge
Material stone
Total length 325m
Width 15.20m
Longest span 32.5m
Architect Jean Hupeau
Designer Jean Cadet Limay
Engineering design by John Pint John Rondel, Robert Soyer
Construction start 1751
Construction end 1763

The George V Bridge is a road and tram bridge that crosses the Loire in Orléans, France. It is an arched masonry bridge spanning a distance of 325 m. Designed by Jean Hupeau, it was built between 1751 and 1760, at the request of Daniel-Charles Trudaine, administrator and civil engineer. It was renamed in honour of King George V after the World War II out of respect of Britain's role in the war.

Coordinates: 47°53′48″N 1°54′15″E / 47.89667°N 1.90417°E / 47.89667; 1.90417