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Georges Anglade
Born (1944-07-18)July 18, 1944
Port-au-Prince, Haiti
Died January 12, 2010(2010-01-12) (aged 65)
Port-au-Prince, Haiti
Cause of death 2010 Haiti earthquake
Occupation Author, geographer, politician

Georges Anglade (July 18, 1944 – January 12, 2010) was a Haitian–Canadian geographer, writer and politician. A strong opponent of the Duvalier régime in Haiti, Anglade was imprisoned for political reasons in 1974 and fled the country upon release. In 1991,[citation needed] after the coup against Aristide he had to leave the country for a second time.

Anglade was born in Port-au-Prince, where he attended the École normale supérieure and the law faculty. He spent much of his adult life in exile in Quebec, where he was instrumental in founding the Department of Geography at the Université du Québec à Montréal.


Anglade was killed alongside his wife, Mireille Neptune Anglade (also Haitian), a woman's rights activist, in the 2010 Haiti earthquake. They were at the home of prominent economist Phillipe Rouzier and his wife, Marilyse Rouzier's, house when the home collapsed. Rouzier was also killed. Mireille and George Anglades's house located in the same ancestral domain in Port-au-Prince also collapsed.[1]


His daughter Dominique Anglade is currently a member of the National Assembly of Quebec.



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