Gerald McBoing-Boing (TV series)

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Gerald McBoing-Boing
Gerald McBoing-Boing logo
Created byDr. Seuss (characters)
StarringGlenn Barna
Linda Ballantyne
Patrick McKenna
Samantha Weinstein
Joanne Vannicola
Narrated byDeann deGruijter
Composer(s)Tom Szczesniak
Ray Parker
Country of originCanada
United States
Original language(s)English
No. of seasons2
No. of episodes52 (26 shows)
Running time22 minutes (11 minutes per segment) (approx. per episode)
Production company(s)Classic Media
Cookie Jar Entertainment
DistributorNBCUniversal Television Distribution (on behalf of DreamWorks Classics)
Original networkTeletoon (Canada)
Cartoon Network (United States)
Original releaseAugust 22, 2005 (2005-08-22) –
November 28, 2007 (2007-11-28)

Gerald McBoing-Boing is a Canadian-American 2D animated children's television series based on the 1950 animated short film Gerald McBoing-Boing. It premiered on Cartoon Network (United States) on August 22, 2005, as part of their Tickle-U programming block, and on Teletoon in English and French (Canada) on August 29, 2005, it uses the same basic art style as the original, but with more detail. Each 11-minute episode features a series of vignettes with Gerald, of which the "fantasy tales" are done in Seussian rhyme. There are also sound checks, gags, and "real-life" portions of the show.

Gerald still only makes sounds, but he now has two speaking friends, Janine and Jacob, as well as a dog named Burp, who only burps (accompanied by someone, usually Gerald's mother, saying "excuse me" afterwards). Gerald's parents (names unknown) also fill out the regular cast; the television series was produced in Canada by Cookie Jar Entertainment, and directed by Robin Budd and story edited/written by John Derevlany. The animation was done by Mercury Filmworks in Ottawa & Vancouver; the music and score for the series was composed by Ray Parker and Tom Szczesniak.

Voice actors and their characters[edit]


Gerald McBoing Boing is shown of Cartoon Network Tickle U premiered on August 22, 2005, block and on Boomerang February 10, 2007, Cartoonito in United Kingdom Teletoon & Family Jr. In February 9th, 2020 With Dragon Tales Produced by Pixar Animation Studios In Association With Sesame Workshop in Canada RTE Two as part of The Den in the Republic Ireland Milkshake and Channel 5 in United Kingdom and on ABC Television in Australia and ABC Kids in Australia.

Storyboard Artists Don Christensen George Goode Robert Yap Vincent Waller Keith Tucker Kurt Anderson Loonie Thompson Eric Bergeron Heather Martinez & Shawn Murray Aaron Springer Bob Kline Key Boyer Jan Green David Prince Larry Eikenberry Wendy Griffith Holly Forsyth & Hank Tucker

Story Editors Dean Stefan (Season 1) & Nicole Dubuc (Season 2)

Writers Shelley Hoffman & Robert Pincombe Ian James Corlett Doug Booth Richard Elliott & Simon Racioppa Matt Warburton Jeffrey Scott Kenn Scott Hugh Duffy Karen Moonah Dale Schott Bruce Talkington Carter Crocker Stephen Sustarsic David Slack Andrew Sabiston Joe Fallon Lane Raichert Dean Stefan Melody Fox Scott Peterson James Aronld Taylor Tedd Anasti & Patsy Cameron Eric Shaw Dev Ross Ken Ross Richard Pursel Mark Zaslove Dennise Fordham Andrew Robinson David Finley J.D. Smith Ben Joseph Gene Grillo Steve Marmel Mike Kubat Anne-Marie Perrotta & Tean Schultz & Nicole Dubuc

Directors Pete Docter John Lasseter Rob Minkoff Larry Jacobs Andrew Stanton Gary Troustale Rich Moore Steven Dean Moore Howy Parkins Tim Hill Alan Zaslove Paul H. Brown Matt Ferguson Jeffrey Agala Chris Savino Lee Unkrich & David Silverman Ken Bruce David Hartman Butch Hartman Jamie Mitchell Gary Conrad Sarah Frost Dan Povenmire Jeff "Swampy" Marsh Jim Schumann & Charlie Bean

Episodes and segments[edit]

52 segments in 26 episodes were produced:

  1. "Cuckoos & Pirates"
    "Parades, Honking & Mumbling Mummies"
  2. "Monkeys, Wrestling & The World's Greatest Super Spy"
    "The Dentist, The Sheep & The Two Anniversary Gifts"
  3. "Ghosts, Owls & An Evil Witch"
    "Art, Glass & The Deep Dark Jungle"
  4. "Carnivals, Phones & Sneezing Dragons"
    "Cars, Bees & Magic Puppies"
  5. "Good Deeds, Librarians & Aliens"
    "Tornado, Chicken & Circus"
  6. "Burp, Cry Baby Blues & The Return of Scritchy McBeard"
    "Videos, Cats & Superheroes"
  7. "Dog Tricks, Spare Change & The Lost Snowmen"
    "Mini-Golf, Checkers & Bad Manners"
  8. "Swings, Cans & The Flying Ace"
    "Photos, Radio & Knights"
  9. "Hot Rod, Elevators & Genie Meanie"
    "Cheese, Birds & Cave Kids"
  10. "Hide-N-Seek, Escapes & The Beanstalk"
    "Haircuts, Opera & The Albino Alligator"
  11. "Camping, Watchdogs & Janinerella"
    "Hardware, Hair & Hairy Weather"
  12. "Thin Ice, Squeaky Shoes & Leprechauns"
    "Museum, Coyotes & A Race Around the World"
  13. "Hopscotch, Hugs & Hunchbacks"
    "Lost Dogs, Horses & Monsters"
  14. "Sleepover, Chalkboard & Trojan Cow"
    "Popcorn, Shadows & 20,000 Boings Under the Sea"
  15. "Burping Hero, Dog Whistle & the Incredible Shrinking Gerald"
    "Play, Cleaning & The Royal Crown Quest"
  16. "Telescopes, Hiccups & The Boing Boing Express"
    "Book Clubs, Broccoli & The Mighty Ding Dong"
  17. "Loud, Drive-thru & Ben Hur"
    "Stings, Beeps & Pings"
  18. "Monsters, Snowblowers & The Planet Bedtime"
    "Fairs, Mimes & Dragons"
  19. "Doctor, Pigeons & Gerald McShakespeare"
    "Baby Sister, Chalk & King Gerald"
  20. "Ice, Fog & Wolves"
    "Auctions, Soda Pop & The Surfing Thief"
  21. "Karate, Slurps & Wrinklystiltskin"
    "Tap-dancing, Convertibles & The Three Musketeers"
  22. "Magic, Showers & Mermaids"
    "Lunchboxes, Car Wash & Robot Jacob"
  23. "Planes, Parrots & Party Clothes"
    "Growls, Paper & Flying Horses"
  24. "Fish, Skis & Rocket Ships"
    "Strongman, Rock Star & Name That Sound"
  25. "Sports, Banks & Queen Long Big Nose the Third"
    "Pinball, Parks & Princesses"
  26. "Red Light, Rain & Sneezing Flowers"
    "Arcades, Scanners & News"

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