Gerard van der Kuijl

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Quintus Sertorius and the horse tail, allegory of good government, Gorinchem City Hall, 1638

Gysbert, or Gerard van Kuijl (1604 in Gorinchem – 1673 in Gorinchem), was a Dutch Golden Age painter.


According to Houbraken he was the travel companion of the Gouda painter Aart Verhaast who spent 11 years with him in Italy and then returned without him only to die in Gouda in 1666, while Gerard spent a total of 20 years in Italy and after returning north enjoyed a longer life, dying in Gouda in 1673.[1]

According to the RKD he was the pupil of Gerard Honthorst and in Italy the pupil of Giovanni di Filippo del Campo, with whom he lived 1629-1631 in Rome on the Via Margutta,[2] he joined the Bentvueghels with the nickname Stijgbeugel.[2] Sandrart called him "Gerard van Krick",[2][3] he is known for religious and genre works in the style of Caravaggio.[2]


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