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Get Help
A component of Microsoft Windows
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Get Help in Windows 10
Type support
Included with Windows 10
Related components
Quick Assist

Get Help, known as Contact Support before the Windows 10 Creators Update,[1] is a built-in interface for communicating with Microsoft customer service employees over the Internet. The opening screen requests that the user specify a product and explain a problem with it. It also offers the user links to online help articles for business and IT support, Microsoft Store sales and support, and a disability answer desk.[2][3]

Once a problem has been entered, the user is offered a chance to review that and select a product from the following icon-based list:

After the user has selected a product category, the next screen presents links for solving the problem, device information, a call link with an estimated wait time, a scheduler, and a screen for chatting with an agent by instant message.[4]

Like Quick Assist, Get Help is updated through Windows Update, not the Windows Store, even though Get Help is built from the Universal Windows Platform.