Ghazni District

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Ghazni and Kabul -- Afghanistan.

Ghazni District is a district of Ghazni Province, Afghanistan situated in the northeast part of the province. Capital of the district is Ghazni, which is also capital of Ghazni Province.

Demographics & Population[edit]

Like in the rest of Afghanistan, no exact population numbers are available; the Afghan Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation & Development (MRRD) along with UNHCR and Central Statistics Office (CSO) of Afghanistan estimates the population of the district to be around 154,618.[1] According to AIMS and UNHCR, Tajiks make up 50% of the population, followed by Hazaras and Pashtuns, 50%.[2]

Security and Politics[edit]

It was reported that Afghan and ISAF forces combined and killed several militants and captured an al-Qaeda IED facilitator and another incident on the southern side of Ghazni City.[3]


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