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Nick Redfern

Nicholas "Nick" Redfern is a British best-selling author, journalist and ufologist. Redfern is an active advocate of official government disclosure of UFO information, has worked to uncover thousands of pages of classified Royal Air Force, Air Ministry and Ministry of Defence files on unidentified flying objects dating from the Second World War from the Public Record Office and works as a feature writer and contributing editor for Phenomena magazine, his 2005 book, Body Snatchers in the Desert: The Horrible Truth at the Heart of the Roswell Story, purports to show that the Roswell crash may have been military aircraft tests using Japanese POWs, suffering from progeria or radiation effects. Redfern attended Pelsall Comprehensive School in Pelsall from 1976 to 1981, he worked at Dixons paint suppliers with another Ufologist Martin Lenton. Redfern joined a rock music and fashion magazine Zero in 1981, where he trained in journalism, magazine production and photography going on to write freelance articles on UFOs during the mid-1980s.

From 1984 until 2001 he worked as a freelance feature writer for the Daily Express, Western Daily Press and Express & Star newspapers, as well as a full-time feature writer for Planet on Sunday. Between 1996 and 2001 he worked as a freelance journalist for the British newsstand magazines The Weekender, Animals, Pet Reptile, Military Illustrated, Eye-Spy, The Unopened Files and The X-Factor. Between 1996 and 2000 Redfern signed a three-book publishing deal with Simon & Schuster of London for the publication of A Covert Agenda: The British Government’s UFO Top Secrets Exposed, The FBI Files: The FBI’s UFO Top Secrets Exposed and Cosmic Crashes: The Incredible Story of the UFOs That Fell to Earth; these books were published in the United Kingdom, Russia, Australia, New Zealand and Portugal. In 2003 Paraview-Pocket Books New York published Redfern's book Strange Secrets: Real Government Files on the Unknown in May of that year. And, in March 2004 Paraview-Pocket Books, New York, publish his book Three Men Seeking Monsters: Six Weeks in Pursuit of Werewolves, Lake Monsters, Giant Cats, Ghostly Devil Dogs, Ape-Men.

This book tells the story of his relationship with Jonathan Downes and Richard Freeman of the Centre for Fortean Zoology, has been optioned by Universal Studios. Redfern has run the U. S. branch of the Centre for Fortean Zoology since 2002. In 2007 Universal Studios bought the rights to this book in the hopes of making a film from it. Redfern works on the lecture circuit, both in the UK and overseas, has appeared in internationally syndicated shows discussing the UFO phenomenon. Redfern is a regular on the History Channel programs Monster Quest and UFO Hunters, National Geographic Channels's Paranormal and the Syfy channel's Proof Positive, as well as appearing in an episode in the third season of Penn & Teller: Bullshit!, titled "Ghost Busters".</ref> He has appeared on a variety of television programmes in the United Kingdom, including The Big Breakfast, Channel 5 News, GMTV. He has been identified as a member of an informal group of friends called others as the "Paranormal Rat Pack" and "The Cabal".

A Covert Agenda: The British Government's UFO Top Secrets Exposed by Nick Redfern – ISBN 1-931044-70-8 The F. B. I. Files by Nick Redfern – ISBN 0-684-86834-2 Cosmic Crashes by Nick Redfern – ISBN 0-671-03306-9 Strange Secrets by Nick Redfern and Andy J. Roberts – ISBN 0-7434-6976-3 Three Men Seeking Monsters by Nick Redfern – ISBN 0-7434-8254-9 Body Snatchers in the Desert: The Horrible Truth at the Heart of the Roswell Story by Nick Redfern – ISBN 0-7434-9753-8 On The Trail of the Saucer Spies by Nick Redfern – ISBN 1-933665-10-6 Celebrity Secrets: Official Government Files on the Rich and Famous by Nick Redfern – ISBN 1-4165-2866-0 Man-Monkey – In Search of the British Bigfoot by Nick Redfern – ISBN 1-905723-16-4 Memoirs of a Monster Hunter: A Five-Year Journey in Search of the Unknown by Nick Redfern – ISBN 1-56414-976-5 The NASA Conspiracies by Nick Redfern – ISBN 1-60163-149-9 The Real Men in Black by Nick Redfern – ISBN 1-60163157-X The Zombie Book: Encyclopedia of the Living Dead – ISBN 1-57859504-5In a 2002 interview, Redfern stated that "Andy Roberts and I have a book coming out next year on an alleged UFO crash incident in Wales in 1974."

This relates to the Berwyn Mountain UFO incident. Rendlesham Forest Incident, Redfern's main blog as of 2012 Nick Redfern's MySpace page Nick Redfern's "There's Something in the Woods...", his cryptozoology blog Nick Redfern's Celebrity Secrets

Long Distance Song Effects

Long Distance Song Effects is the second studio album by Goldheart Assembly, released on 1 July 2013 by EMI / New Music Club. The band started working on their second album, Long Distance Song Effects, in 2011. Twenty-five tracks recorded in London were whittled down during trips back and forth to Lucerne where they recorded with Swiss musician Tobi Gmür, who they had met on an earlier European tour. In an interview with Gigsultz magazine, John Herbert spoke of the band's love of Lucerne and Switzerland: "We fell in love with the city and the people. We kept going back whenever we could though our manager wanted us to mix it in London."James Dale commented “We met a guy on our European tour who had a studio and he asked if we wanted to come in the day after. So we got up early – the earliest we’ve got up – and he liked the vibe so we came back two weeks and started recording. Stunning surroundings played a part in the album’s content the experience of writing over a distance, being away from home and people putting complete faith in our music”.

Long Distance Song Effects was released in the UK on 1 July 2013 by EMI / New Music Club. The Allmusic journalist, Heather Phares, noted that "the control and variety they display throughout Long Distance Song Effects shows that Goldheart Assembly have come into their own here". Long Distance Song Effects received positive reviews from the UK press, with publications such as The Guardian, Allmusic and NME all awarding the album 4-star reviews

Charles Jackson (judge)

Charles Jackson was an American jurist. He was born in Massachusetts. Jackson was the son of Newburyport merchant and Continental Congress Massachusetts delegate Jonathan Jackson and Hannah Tracy, he graduated from Harvard University in 1793, studied law with Chief Justice Parsons, began to practice in 1796 at Newburyport. In 1803, he relocated to Boston, associated with Judge Hubbard, he had a most lucrative practice more lucrative than any other in New England had been up until that time. Jackson was judge of the Massachusetts Supreme Court, a member of the State Constitutional Convention of 1820, one of the commissioners to revise the Massachusetts State Laws in 1833, drawing up the second part of the “Revised Statutes.” He wrote Treatise on the Pleadings and Practice in Real Actions in 1828. Jackson was elected a Fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences in 1817, he was the brother of Lowell, Massachusetts industrialist Patrick Tracy Jackson and Massachusetts General Hospital proponent James Jackson.

His daughter, Amelia Lee Jackson, married physician Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr. becoming mother of Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr. Holmes, Oliver Wendell. "Jackson, Charles". In Ripley, George; the American Cyclopædia. This article incorporates text from a publication now in the public domain: Gilman, D. C.. "Jackson, Charles". New International Encyclopedia. New York: Dodd, Mead; the Oliver Wendell Holmes Library at the Library of Congress contains the books of Holmes' great-grandfather, Judge Charles Jackson

Kazue Nanjo

Kazue Nanjo is a retired Japanese judoka. Nanjo was born in Uji and began judo at the age of 5, she belonged to Daicolo Co. Ltd. After graduating from University of Tsukuba in 1995. In 1997, she participated in the World Championships but was defeated by Carolina Mariani from Argentina. In 1998, she participated in the Asian Games held in Bangkok and won a bronze medal. Nanjo was good at Tomoe nage and Newaza, learned by Shōzō Fujii at Tenri University, she was known as a rival of Noriko Narazaki, a classmate of the same university and former world champion. As of 2010, Nanjo coaches judo at Sendai University with her husband. 1989 - All-Japan High School Championships 1st 1990 - All-Japan High School Championships 1st 1991 - All-Japan Selected Championships 3rd 1992 - All-Japan Selected Championships 3rd 1993 - Fukuoka International Women's Championships 2nd 1994 - All-Japan Selected Championships 3rd- All-Japan University Championships 1st1995 - All-Japan Businessgroup Championships 1st 1996 - Asian Championships 2nd- Fukuoka International Women's Championships 1st - All-Japan Selected Championships 2nd - All-Japan Women's Weight Class Championships 1st - All-Japan Businessgroup Championships 1st1997 - East Asian Games 1st- Fukuoka International Women's Championships 1st - All-Japan Selected Championships 1st1998 - Asian Games 3rd- All-Japan Selected Championships 1st1999 - Asian Championships 3rd- Fukuoka International Women's Championships 2nd - Otto Super World cup Hamburg 2nd - All-Japan Selected Championships 1st - All-Japan Women's Weight Class Championships loss2000 - Aral Grand Prix Prague loss- All-Japan Women's Weight Class Championships 5th2001 - Pacific Rim Championships 1st- Aral Grand Prix Prague 1st - All-Japan Selected Championships 3rd

Nick Benton (cricketer)

Nicholas Benton is an Australian cricketer. He made his List A debut for South Australia in the 2016–17 Matador BBQs One-Day Cup on 2 October 2016. Benton made his first-class debut for South Australia in the final match of the 2014–15 Sheffield Shield season, taking four wickets and scoring 33 not out against Queensland; this earned him his first SACA contract joining the South Australian squad for the 2015–16 season. He played three Sheffield Shield matches in the 2015–16 season, across which he took six wickets, the highlight of his season came in a match against Western Australia. Benton dislocated his shoulder in a fielding mishap on the first day of the match, meaning he was unable to bowl for the rest of the match, with scans showing the damage was severe enough that he couldn't play for the rest of the season. In the last innings South Australia needed seven runs to win and keep their season alive when the ninth wicket fell, Benton was the only player yet to bat. Benton scored the winning runs with a mishit through the slips.

Benton was in South Australia's one-day squad for the first time in the 2016–17 Matador BBQs One-Day Cup, making his List A debut against Western Australia. List of South Australian representative cricketers Nick Benton at ESPNcricinfo