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Ghorwane is a Mozambican marrabenta band. It was founded in 1983. The band got its name after the lake of the same name in the province of Gaza. This name was given by President Samora Machel during a festival to celebrate the ten years of independence in 1985. Samora has declared that "It's prohibited to lie in the People's Republic of Mozambique" and cites Ghorwane as an example. Ghorwane is the Shangaan term for "Good Boys". Their style is a combination of traditional Mozambique music, Afropop, and fusion. Ghorwane's music is sung in local languages, including Shangaan, Ronga and Chope. The band's composer and saxophonist, Jose "Zeca" Alage, was murdered in 1993. Their 2005 album VANA VA NDOTA was dedicated to Zeca Alage (1959-1993) and Pedro Langa (1959-2001)

Later that same year, Ghorwane started a music co-operative, the first of its kind in Mozambique, with the intention of promoting Mozambican music, improving working conditions for local musicians and protecting composers rights.


may not be complete

  1. Muthimba
  2. Majurugenta
  3. Matarlatanta
  4. Xai-Xai
  5. Mavabwyi
  6. Sathuma
  7. Buluku
  8. Terehumba
  9. Akuhanha
  1. U Yo Mussiya Kwini
  2. Txongola
  3. Salabude
  4. Vhory
  5. Massotcha
  6. Pim-Pam-Pum
  7. Xizambiza
  8. Progresso
  9. Sathani
  10. Mamba Ya Malepfu
  1. Mayvavo - Ghorwane
  2. Matxutxubanga
  3. Wavitika - Ghorwane
  4. Golheani - José Mucavele
  5. Tiyisselane - Zebra
  6. Xitarato
  7. Lanixlamalissa - José Mucavele
  8. Kadivae Mono - Stewart Sukuma
  9. Danca Marrabenta - Gito Baloi
  10. As Tuas Trancas - José Mucavele
  11. Mayvavo LL - Ghorwane
  1. Beijinhos
  2. Vana-Va-Ndota
  3. Nudez
  4. Xindzavane
  5. Kadinfuna
  6. Tlhanga
  7. Ubiwilitolo
  8. Tlhary
  9. Ndzava
  10. Guidema
  11. Livengo
  12. Xitchukete
  13. Tlhivhi

References and external links[edit]

  1. The official Ghorwane website
  2. Ghorwane was featured in episode 5 of the BBC production The African Rock 'n' Roll Years
  3. Ghorwane in Real World Records website