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Gibellina is a small city and comune in the Province of Trapani, the mountains of central Sicily, Italy. It was destroyed by the 1968 Belice earthquake; the new city, Gibellina Nuova, was rebuilt some 11 kilometres distant from the old one. The new city was designed by many of the most prominent artists and architects in Italy, but done in a piecemeal fashion so that the parts of the new city bear little relation to one another or to the indigenous architecture of Sicily. Ruderi di Gibellina remained just as it was after the earthquake a ghost-town. Artist Alberto Burri covered the entirety of the ruins in concrete, while preserving the streetscape. Additionally, Italian sculptor Pietro Consagra and Senator Ludovico Corrao formed an open-air museum with a Consagra sculpture "Porta del Belice" or "Door to Belice" at the entrance. Consagra expressed a wish to be buried at Gibellina on his deathbed in July 2005

Babysitter (TV series)

Babysitter is a four-episode Korean drama, airing on KBS2 from March 14, 2016, starring Cho Yeo-jeong, Kim Min-joon, Shin Yoon-joo, Lee Seung-joon. Jang Suk-ryoo is a 24-year-old university graduate; as she begins to work as a babysitter for a rich family with three children, strange events start happening, resulting in an ambiguous relationship with the father, Lee Sang-won. Cho Yeo-jeong as Chun Eun-joo Kim Min-joon as Yoo Sang-won Shin Yoon-joo as Jang Suk-ryoo Lee Seung-joon as Pyo Young-gyoon Gil Hae-yeon as Yoo Sang-won's mother Kim Mi-ra as Housework assistant Kim Ye-rang as Chun Eun-joo's friend Hwang Eun-soo as Yoo Sang-won's college friend Yoon Ji-min as Yoo Eun-byul Ri Min as Im Tae-young Kim Do-joon as Reporter Lee Won-jong as Yoo Sang-won's father Kim Sang-ho as Jo Sang-won In this table, the blue numbers represent the lowest ratings and the red numbers represent the highest ratings. Official website Babysitter at KBS WorldBabysitter at HanCinema

Hong Kong Police Band

The Hong Kong Police Band is a ceremonial unit and a police band of the Hong Kong Police Force and is used for official events. It was established in 1954 and performed with the Hong Kong Police Silver Band. Both bands merged to form a single band and was renamed the Royal Hong Kong Police Pipe Band; the Pipe Band colours is the MacIntosh tartan and was adopted in memory of a former Commissioner of Police, Mr Duncan William MacIntosh, after which the MacIntosh Forts were named. The band has 84 members, made up of 60 from 24 from the Pipe Band; the Auxiliary Police has an Auxiliary Police Band that participates in parades with the regular pipe band. The Hong Kong Police Band is based at the Peter Moor Building, School of Foundation Training, Hong Kong Police College, it has barracks, practice rooms and musical instruments at Peter Moor Building. The Hong Kong Police Band began in 1951, when Superintendent W. B. Foster MBE led 21 people, organized in a silver band, to perform at routine police events, followed by performances due to increasing demand.

In 1954 the silver band was merged with the drum band to form the Hong Kong Police Band. On May 30 and July 1, 2011, in order to mark the 14th anniversary of the reunification of Hong Kong, the police band made its first performance with the Central Military Band of the People's Liberation Army of China and held a large-scale symphony orchestra concert at the Queen Elizabeth Stadium. In December 2016, the band received training from instructors from the Army School of Ceremonial at the British Army's Infantry Training Centre. Police Report - 2015-2-21 - Topic: Police Encyclopedia-Police Band Police Report - 2015-2-28 - Topic: Police Encyclopedia-Police Band Police Report - 2015-3-07 - Topic: Police Encyclopedia-Police Band Police Band Police Band marches into 55th Anniversary

New Mexico Wool Manufacturing Company

The article of incorporation for the New Mexico Wool Manufacturing Company was introduced and passed in the New Mexico Territorial Legislature on January 30, 1861. Its founding associates were Ceran St. Vrain, José Guadalupe Gallegos, Oliver P. Hovey, Anastacio Sandoval, Rafael Armijo, José Manuel Gallegos, Hamilton G. Fant, Nazario Gonzales, J. Francisco Chaves. P. Wilbar, Miguel A. Otero, William W. Griffin, they claimed lawful use and right to construct roads and erect buildings on, any wild lands within the Territory not the property of other individuals or corporations. They claimed lawful use of water and the right to construct machinery on any river or stream upon said lands; the statement of capital stock was 3,500 shares at $100 each, or $350,000, with the right to increase the number of total shares to 7,500 at a value of $750,000. In the 1907 publication History of New Mexico: its Resources and People, by George B. Anderson, the company was listed with date of charter January 28, 1863 and evaluated at $750,000

Akin Alabi

Akin Alabi, born in Lagos State, Nigeria, is a Nigerian music video director and entrepreneur. He is renowned as one of the video directors that pioneered the era of hiphop music video production in Nigeria and has worked with several top artistes including 9ice, Tope Alabi, Onyeka Onwenu, Tim Godfrey, Paul Ik Dairo and many others. Alabi from Ekiti State started his educational journey at Lara Day Nursery and Primary School, Ikeja Lagos, obtained his Ordinary Level School Certificate from Federal Government College, Ondo state. Thereafter, he proceeded to University of Ilorin. Alabi, into song writing and graphic designing during his university days confessed during one of his interviews that his passion for music prompted him to drop an album in 1999. By the time Uzodinma Ukpechi, one of the major forces behind the camera gave him the bill, Alabi claimed to have resolved to acquire equipment with the money, his knowledge in graphics and audio production served as a platform to explore his skill.

After he shot a musical video for one up and coming artistes called Nachur for Blac in the 2004, Akin came into fame in 2005 with the musical video of Big Bamo and Paul Play's song titled Crazy. Akin, a professional photographer, can now be ranked among the best music video and home video directors in Nigeria; as an artiste, he formed a group with his wife called T. I. V that went on to release the hit single, Komole in 2012 which went on to win several awards including Nigeria Music Video Awards for best use of choreography, Nominee for Nigeria Music Video Awards under the Best Gospel Video category, his collections of video works include Konga's hit track titled Kabakaba, Komole by TIV ft Vector, ‘Gbamugbamu’ and ‘No be Mistake’ by 9ice. He is the creator of the animation TV series on Nigerian proverbs called My Nigerian Proverb shows daily on African Magic, YangaTv and on BRT Buses in Lagos. In 2018, he release a book on Yoruba Proverbs titled Akomolowe: My Book of Yoruba Proverbs, he is passionate about the African culture and he is working on using the visual media to conserve the Yoruba culture in particular.

He has many awards to his name including the 2012 City People award for Best Video Director, TAVA award for Best Video director and Best RnB video. Alabi married Bunmi Alabi in 2008 and together they have two sons and reside in Lagos Nigeria

Kinyongia carpenteri

Kinyongia carpenteri called Carpenter's chameleon or the helmeted chameleon, is a species of chameleon, a lizard in the family Chamaeleonidae. K. carpenteri has a geographic range limited to the mountain highlands on the border between Uganda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The specific name, honors the type specimen's collector, British physician and entomologist Dr. G. D. Hale Carpenter. Named in the genus Chamaeleo, the species C. carpenteri was moved into the genus Bradypodion prior to its current classification. With the move into the genus Kinyongia, the masculine ending to the specific epithets of other species in the genus needed to be modified to match the feminine generic name