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The Gibson-Fawcett Award is awarded by the Royal Society of Chemistry[1] every two years to recognise outstanding work in the field of materials chemistry.[2] In particular, the emphasis is on the originality and independence of the work carried out;[3] the prize was established in 2008 and is awarded by the Materials Chemistry Division Awards Committee. It can only be given to researchers under age 40.[4]


The award is named after Reginald Gibson and Eric Fawcett,[5] eminent chemists who worked together with Anton Michels on the study of the role of high pressure in chemical reactions; this led to the discovery of polyethylene.[5]


Year Winner Institution Reason
2010 Simon Clarke University of Oxford Chemistry of non-oxide and mixed anion solids as new functional materials[6]
2012 Andrew Fogg University of Liverpool Time resolved X-ray diffraction to study the synthesis of new materials[4]
2014 Andrew Dove University of Warwick New biodegradable materials for drug delivery and regenerative surgery[7][8]
2016 Rachel O'Reilly University of Warwick Polymer synthesis, nanostructures and enzyme mimetic constructs[9]
2018 Silvia Vignolini University of Cambridge Bio-materials and bio-mimetic photonic nanostructures[2]


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