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GigaDevice Semiconductor (Beijing) Inc.
Industry Semiconductors
Founded 2005
Headquarters Beijing,

GigaDevice Semiconductor is a Chinese NOR flash memory designer. [1]

Integrated Silicon Solution Inc. acquisition[edit]

The company participated as part of the Chinese buyer consortium Uphill Investment Co. that acquired Integrated Silicon Solution Inc., a semiconductor company that is among the major producers of NOR flash, in 2015 for US$731 million.[2] The buyer consortium beat out an offer by Cypress Semiconductor, a major competitor of GigaDevice in the NOR flash market.[3]

The buyer consortium of Uphill Investment Co. comprises eTown MemTek Ltd, Summitview Capital, Beijing Integrated Circuit Design and Test Fund, and Huaqing Jiye Investment Management Co., Ltd. GigaDevice along with Beijing ETOWN, an investment firm and economic development agency of the Beijing Municipal Government, were the equity holders of eTown MemTek Ltd.[4]