Youngtown Oval

Youngtown Memorial Ground is a football ground at Youngtown in the southern suburbs of Launceston, Australia and is home of the South Launceston Football Club in the NTFA. The ground was the former home of the City-South Football Club in the former NTFA until they merged with East Launceston during the 1986 TFL season to become South Launceston. Youngtown Memorial Ground has one small main stand, transported across from the former York Park BMX track in the early 1990s and was sealed and had changerooms built beneath, the rest of the ground has parking spaces available to cars, it has a capacity of 3,500 and hosts finals for the current NTFA competition. Youngtown was much maligned during the former TFL Statewide League years as South Launceston were, on several occasions moved away from the ground by the TFL to play at York Park in an effort to attract bigger crowds and play at a better facility. South Launceston has played the majority of home fixtures at Youngtown in the Tasmanian State League since 2009.

In 2011 and at the end of 2013 the Club conducted games at Aurora Stadium. Despite winning the TSL premiership in 2013 South Launceston has returned to community football in the NTFA for the 2014 season and will play home games at Youngtown in the future; the Youngtown Oval is home to public toilets and the home ground of the South Launceston football club


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