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Girl Alone was an American radio soap opera broadcast on NBC from 1935 to 1941. Sponsored by Kellogg's and Quaker Oats, the series was scripted by Fayette Krum.[1]

Characters and story[edit]

The cast of the program taking a refreshment break in January 1941. Seated, from left:Herbert Butterfield (Zeihm), Laurette Fillbrandt (Virginia Richman), John Larkin (Frankie McGinnis), Betty Winkler (Patricia Rogers), Pat Murphy (Scoop Curtis), Joan Winters (Alice Ames Warner), Frances Carlon (Ruth Lardner). Standing from left: Director Charles Urquhart, Frankie Pacelli (Jack), Henry Hunter (Scotson Webb)

After inheriting a fortune, Patricia Rogers (Betty Winkler) fell in love with the trustee of her estate, John Knight, portrayed by Karl Weber, Les Damon, Macdonald Carey, Bob Bailey and Syd Simons. Separating from Knight and leaving Chicago, Rogers entered into a romantic relationship with Phoenix newspaperman Scoop Curtis (Don Briggs, Pat Murphy, Arthur Jacobson), who was later paralyzed in an automobile accident.[1]

Other characters and the actors who played them were as follows:[2]

Character Actor
Jack Rogers Frank Pacelli
Scoop Curtis Pat Murphy
Stormy Wilson Curtis June Travis
Virginia Richman Laurette Fillbrandt
Dr. John Richman Michael Romano
Alice Ames Warner Joan Winters
Aunt Kate Kathryn Card
Ruth Lardner Frances Carlon
Scotson Webb Henry Hunter
Dr. Warren Douglas Henry Hunter
Joe Markham Arthur Hohl
Arthur Cook Charles Penman
Muggsy Modoc Bob Jellison
W. C. Green Stanley Gordon
Ziehm Herb Butterfield
Frankie McGinnis John Larkin
McCullough John Hodiak
Keil Carlton Brickert
Emmett Dayton Ian Keith
Henry Senrich Willard Waterman
Lt. Custer Art Peterson
Lewis Bob Jellison
Chuprin Don Gallagher

The announcers were Bob Brown and Charles Lyon.

The program's theme was "The Girl Alone Suite" by Don Marcotte.[2] Gordon Hughes and Axel Gruenberg directed.[1]


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