Girl in a Wetsuit

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Girl in a Wetsuit
Girl in a Wetsuit.jpg
The sculpture in 2007
Artist Elek Imredy
Year 1972 (1972)
Type Sculpture
Medium Bronze
Location Vancouver

Girl in a Wetsuit is a life size bronze sculpture by Elek Imredy of a woman in a wetsuit,[1] located on a rock in the water along the north side of Stanley Park, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

The statue of The Little Mermaid in Copenhagen, which some see as similar to the Girl in a Wetsuit


The bronze sculpture depicts a friend of Imredy's, Debra Harrington, in a wetsuit with flippers on her feet and a mask on her forehead.[2]


Although some believe it was a replica of Copenhagen's The Little Mermaid, the creator stated:

I didn't believe we should have a copy of the mermaid. She is rightfully a symbol of Copenhagen... I proposed to have a life-size scuba diver seated there. At that time scuba diving was getting quite popular here in Vancouver and, just as important, I didn't know of any similar sculpture anywhere in the world. It was a new idea… There was tremendous opposition and great controversy. I still don't know why.[2]

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