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Gisgo or Gisco is the latinization or hellenization (Greek: Γέσκων, Géskōn) of the Punic masculine given name Gersakkun (𐤂‬𐤓𐤎𐤊‬𐤍‬, GRSKN).[1]

The name Gisgo or Gisco may refer to:

  • Gisgo, son of Hanno the Great, who was a notable general of the Sicilian campaigns of the First Punic War.
  • Gisgo, a Carthaginian officer at the Battle of Cannae who, noting the great size of the Roman army, provoked Hannibal's retort, "Another thing that has escaped your notice, Gisgo, is even more amazing: That, although there are so many of them, there is not one among them called Gisgo".[2]

See also[edit]

  • Hasdrubal Gisco ("Hasdrubal, son of Gisco"; died 202 BC), Carthaginian military commander in the Second Punic War
  • Hannibal Gisco ("Hannibal, son of Gisco"; c. 295–260 BC), Carthaginian military commander




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