Giulio Quaglio the Younger

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The only known self-portrat of Giulio Quaglio the Younger (Ljubljana Cathedral)

Giulio Quaglio the Younger (1668–1751) was an Italian Baroque painter.[1] He was part of the large Quaglio pedigree of Italian artists involved in architecture, indoor fresco decoration, and scenography (stage design) for the court theaters.[2] He was born and died in Laino, a mountain village at Como.[1] Giulio II was involved in fresco decoration in Friuli, including for the chapel of Monte di Pietà at Udine.[2] His most highly valued work is the painting of Saint Nicholas' Cathedral in Ljubljana.[1] He also painted the central hall of Meerscheinschlössl in Graz.[1] He had two sons, Domenico and Giovanni Maria Quaglio.[1]


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