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Shirantha Goonatilake

Air Commodore Shirantha Goonatilake RWP, RSP, SLAF was Sri Lankan aviator and most senior Air Force officer to be killed in action. He was the youngest son of Air Chief Marshal Harry Goonatilake the 5th Commander of the Air Force and the brother of the 12th Commander of the Air Force, Air Chief Marshal Roshan Goonatilake. Shirantha Goonatilake completed his education at the Royal College and followed in the footsteps of his father and elder brother to join the Sri Lanka Air Force. In the 1980s Goonatilake took to flying SIAI Marchetti SF.260 as ground attack roles and gain the rank of Squadron Leader and lead the Red formation during the famed Operation Eagle in 1990. He was killed on 29 April 1995 when the Avro 748 he was piloting, at the time carrying 45 armed forces personnel, was attacked by the LTTE with a MANPADS, his last words over the radio were "A missile is coming my way", giving the Air Force the first indication that the LTTE were using SAMs. He was the Commanding Officer of No. 1 Flying Training Wing at Ratmalana at the time of his death.

Fallen Heroes Heroes who made the supreme sacrifice Official Website of Sri Lanka Air Force

I Corps (Netherlands)

The I Netherlands Corps was an army corps of the Royal Netherlands Army. It after the fall of the Iron Curtain was disestablished. In January 1949, the government agreed to the establishment of an army corps. In the same year, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization was established. In 1955, after joining West Germany to NATO, the 1st Army Corps was made responsible for the defense of a part of the North German Plain; the army corps was part of the Northern Army Group of NATO. From 1963 onwards, part of the army corps was stationed in Germany, namely in Seedorf; the corps's war assignment, as formulated by Commander, Northern Army Group, would be to: Assume responsibility for its corps sector and relieve 1st German Corps forces as soon as possible. Fight the covering force battle in accordance with COMNORTHAG's concept of operations. In the main defensive battle: hold and destroy the forces of the enemy's leading armies conventionally as far east as possible, maintaining cohesion with 1 Corps. Maintain cohesion with LANDJUT and secure NORTHAG's left flank in the Forward Combat Zone.

After the Second World War until July 18, 1995 the Royal Netherlands Army had one army corps of three divisions and army corps troops. First Division 7 December was withdrawn from the East Indies in 1949–1950 and spent the remainder of the Cold War as part of NATO Northern Army Group's I Corps as a deterrent against a Soviet attack on West Germany. In 1985, it had its headquarters at Schaarsbergen, divisional troops included the 102nd Reconnaissance Battalion at Hoogland. NORTHAG wartime structure in 1989 Webpage on 1st Korps, 1985 Inventaris van het archief van de stafonderdelen van het 1e legerkorps en de daaronder ressorterende divisies, 1949-1994 Alter, Fritz. "Gliederung und Stationierung der niederländischen Streitkräfte in Deutschland im Jahre 1989". Retrieved 15 July 2017

Alan Pownall

Stephen Alan Fletcher Pownall is an English singer-songwriter and the husband of actress Gabriella Wilde. The son of Orlando Pownall, QC, he grew up in Richmond-upon-Thames and was educated at Windlesham House School, Marlborough College and Shiplake College. Interested in fashion, he worked for French designer Roland Mouret for two years, where he was advised to study in Milan, he went on to study fashion design but dropped out a year in 2006 to pursue a music career in London. After meeting Adele at one of her early gigs, he told her that he was making music and she should look it up. To his surprise, he was contacted via his MySpace profile and asked to support her on her first British tour; as he only had a four-song set, he wrote a lot of his material whilst on tour. He toured with Paloma Faith, Lissie and the Diamonds and the Whale and Florence and the Machine, he shared a flat in London with fellow singer/songwriter Jay Jay Pistolet. He moved in with Marcus Mumford and Winston Marshall from Mumford and Sons, who he introduced to Ted Dwane.

In one interview he claims to be "all but deaf in right ear."Pownall's debut EP was released on 5 April 2010 through Mercury Records and his album True Love Stories was released on 25 June 2010. They parted company shortly after the release in late 2010, with Pownall taking a two and a half year break from music. Pownall and formed the electro-pop duo Pale in late 2012, with Pownall as the singer. Pale has supported The Vaccines and Sky Ferreira on tour, they worked with Jas Shaw of Simian Mobile Disco to produce their first two singles, released through the independent label 37 Adventures. As of November 2017, their Facebook and Soundcloud pages show that Pale has been dormant since releasing an EP, The Comeback, in 2014. Since 2019, Pownall has been performing under the pseudonym Alan Power. On 13 September 2014, Pownall married actress Gabriella Wilde; the couple's first son, Sasha Blue Pownall, was born on 3 February 2014. In 2016, Wilde gave birth to Shiloh Silva Pownall. Mercury Records Fearne Cotton on BBC Radio 1 BBC Introducing

Maryland School for the Blind

The Maryland School for the Blind is a school in Baltimore for children and youth who are blind or visually impaired, including those with multiple disabilities. MSB is a non-profit, statewide resource center providing outreach and residential programs. Over 65% of the 2,000 students identified in Maryland as blind or visually impaired are served by the school every year; the Early Learning Program provides instruction for children with visual impairment ages birth to five years, within two programs. The Preschool and Kindergarten program serves ages three through five years of age; the purpose of the program is to promote readiness for school-age programs in the most integrative setting possible. Developing students, without disabilities, are included as an integral part of the daily program. Activities and materials from the curriculum are modified to meet the Maryland Early Learning Standards and support the development and learning of all students; the program is licensed through the Office of Child Care.

The MSB General Academic Program, serves students. Students receive direct instruction in functional academic skills as well as in the areas of the Expanded Core Curriculum for students who are blind or visually impaired; the program is designed to address specific skill needs of students, address learning issues and facilitate a successful return to their local school system. The General Academic Program follows an academic curriculum based on the Maryland College and Career Ready Standards; the MSB Functional Academic Program consists of a full complement of programming to meet the educational and social needs of students who are blind and visually impaired. Vocational training is emphasized. Academic instruction is presented at a student's instructional level and is based on modified content standards. Students receive instruction in the content areas of the expanded core curriculum for the blind and visually impaired learners; the MSB Program for Students who are Blind with Multiple Disabilities, serves students with severe and profound disabilities with emphasis on functional life skills, including communication, a strong multi-sensory approach to learning.

The Unique Learning System based on Common Core standards is used. Students receive instruction in content areas of the expanded core curriculum for blind and visually impaired learners; the educational program takes into consideration the complex health and physical needs of each student, while developing age-appropriate adaptive skills to increase independence. This program includes students with dual sensory impairments of both hearing and vision; the MSB Program for Students who are Blind with Autism, serves students with disorders of communicating and relating, including those on the Autism Spectrum. Emphasis is placed on functional life-skills and communication and learning is supported in structured, sensory controlled environments; the Unique Learning System based on Common Core standards is used. Students receive instruction in content areas of the expanded core curriculum for blind and visually impaired learners. MSB offers wrestling and field, "goalball". In 2019, MBS began soccer as a varsity sport on a specially designed field with kickboards on the sidelines to keep the ball in play.

The game is further adapted for the visually impaired by having the ball weighted with ball bearings to produce a jingling sound the players can hear. They must shout "voy" to alert other players to their location. Only the goalie is sighted. MSBl began developing blind soccer under former school president Michael Bina in 2017, hosting the first North American Blind Soccer Training Camp in 2018. After two years of training and practice, MSBl played the first actual game against the Virginia School for the Deaf and the Blind, on September 24, 2019. Players on the Maryland team, the "Bees", said afterwards that they enjoyed the camaraderie and fun playing soccer. MSB is a co-ed day and residential school located on a 95-acre campus in northeast Baltimore; the campus includes academic and recreational facilities. For students who are blind, visually impaired and multiply-disabled; the dorms at MSB are called “cottages”. Each cottage houses six to eight students and consists of bedrooms with 2 beds and a bathroom in each.

Each student has a roommate. The common area consists of a living room, dining kitchen; the cottages are occupied and supervised by residential staff members including child and youth care specialists who assist the students with daily living routines. One half of the enrolled students live on campus during the school week, while the other half are day students who commute to and from the school on a daily basis. MSB has had thirteen leaders since its founding in 1853, including the current and 13th leader, William Robert Hair. With the appointment of W. Robert Hair, the title has been changed from "President" to "Superintendent" to assuage confusion as to the role he plays at the institution; this reflects back to earlier roots of the school as the first few presidents were called superintendents. The 12th, previous president was Michael J. Bina; when the school opened up in 1853, David E. Loughery was the first superintendent followed by Frederick Douglas Morrison for forty years and John Francis Bledsoe for thirty-six years.

Herbert J. Wolfe became a superintendent and Dr. Richard L. Welsh after him; the 10th president/superintendent was Louis M. Tutt and the 11th was Elaine Sveen. Official website

George Tandy Jr.

George Tandy Jr. is an American R&B-soul singer-songwriter. His debut single, "March", was released in 2013 and peaked on the Billboard R&B charts the following year. Tandy was raised in Virginia where he learned to play several instruments, his stepmother, Candi, a vocal coach and artist developer, encouraged him to move to Florida to pursue singing and playing keyboards while working as a hip-hop dancer. Tandy found work as a barista at Starbucks, where he gave a copy of his demo to Cima Georgevich, a frequent customer, the CEO of RedStar Entertainment; the label signed Tandy and released his debut single, "March", in September 2013. The song, produced with the help of Tandy's jazz musician father, George Sr. entered the Billboard US Adult R&B chart that month and peaked at number three in March 2014. The Foundation EP "March" music video on YouTube George Tandy Jr. interview on The Steve Harvey Morning Show