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Glasgow is the largest city in Scotland.

Glasgow may also refer to:



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Other uses[edit]

  • Glasgow (surname), including a list of people with the name
  • "Glasgow", a song by They Might Be Giants on the Venue Songs album
  • 5805 Glasgow, a minor planet
  • Glasgow (Cambridge, Maryland), a historic house
  • Glasgow Bailie, a type of salted herring (which is also some times known as a Glasgow Magistrate)
  • Glasgow effect, a term used to refer to poor health conditions in the Scottish city
  • Glasgow Haskell Compiler, one of the leading systems for the Haskell programming language
  • Glasgow School, a circle of painters dating to the 1880s & 1890s who were influenced by the "plein-air" landscape paintings of the Barbizon School
  • Glasgow Coma Scale, medical term referring to a 15-point scale invented by Glasgow-based neurologists which determines the degree of consciousness of brain-damaged patients
  • Glasgow Outcome Scale, a scale so that patients with brain injuries can be divided into groups that allow standardised descriptions of the objective degree of recovery
  • Glasgow lease, a type of perpetual land lease used in New Zealand
  • Glasgow patter, the local dialect in the Scottish city
  • Glasgow smile, a facial scar
  • Glasgow, a type of Knightmare Frame in the manga/anime series Code Geass

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