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Glaukos Corporation
IndustryHealth care
Founded2001 (2001)
  • Olav Bergheim
  • Richard Hill
  • Mory Gharib
United States
Key people
Thomas Burns (President and CEO)
RevenueIncrease US$159,274,000 (2017)
Decrease US$14,100,000 (loss) (2014)
Footnotes / references
financial information[1]

Glaukos Corporation is a glaucoma treatment company based in San Clemente, California.[1] Thomas Burns is Glaukos' president and CEO.[2]


Glaukos developed the "iStent" titanium micro-stent; the device, which is about the width of a human hair, is implanted during cataract surgery to reduce intraocular pressure.[2] As of 2015, the iStent was the smallest device ever approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration.[3] The availability of the iStent led to the addition of two codes to the Current Procedural Terminology set in 2015, 0191T and 0376T.[4]

Business model[edit]

In 2015, Glaukos planned to transition from private company status to become a public company with an initial public offering (IPO) of company stock;[1] the proposed stock symbol for the company was "GKOS".[1]

Glaukos' president and chief executive officer (CEO) Thomas Burns says Glaukos was the first to develop micro-stents for the treatment of glaucoma and is well ahead of its competitors;[2] the CEO of MicroOptx, Chris Pulling, has stated that Glaukos is his "most direct" competitor.[3]


Founded in 2001 by Olav Bergheim, Richard Hill and Mory Gharib, the company has raised $156 million in venture funding from Versant Ventures, OrbiMed Advisors, Frazier Healthcare Ventures, InterWest Partners, Meritech Capital Partners, Domain Associates, Fjord Capital Management and Montreux Equity Partners.[2]

The company ranked 19th on the Wall Street Journal's annual Next Big Thing list in 2011.[2]

The company ranked seventh on the Wall Street Journal's annual Next Big Thing list in 2012.[2]

In June 2012, the Food and Drug Administration approved the first iStent implant.[2]


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