Glen Heald

Glen Heald is an Australian guitarist and multi instrumental singer/songwriter who plays a mix of contemporary rock, blues, blues rock and acoustic ballads. He is a independent Aboriginal recording artist who has written and produced eight solo albums. Glen Heald is a Tasmanian Aboriginal, born in 1967 and began playing guitar at 13 years of age, he formed his first rock band in high school and began performing professionally from the age of 14. He gained entry on an audition to the University of Tasmania and studied arranging and Jazz improvisation with Jim Lade. After completing an associate degree in music he led the first of many original bands playing Guitar, Flute and Harmonica, he recorded his first album in Launceston in 1990 with the "Glen Heald Blues Band". In 1992 he established and wrote the curriculum for the first contemporary music course in Darwin Australia which he coordinated for the next eight years. Teaching live performance, musicianship, multitrack recording and live sound.

During the 1990s Glen started playing the Hans Reichel guitar. Glen was broadcast nationally on JJJ radio performing on the reichel guitar in 1998. In the late 1990s Heald started recording on the Chapman Stick. In 2001 he began performing with the Australian Aboriginal singer songwriter Shellie Morris, recording, co-writing and producing her debut and second CD Waiting Road nominated for Album of the Year at the 2007 Deadly Awards. In 2002 Heald wrote the music for the play To the inland sea. Glen composed the acoustic music for the Aboriginal film "Merrepen" in 2005. In 2007 he toured Europe with Morris and performed on TV4 Swedish television playing the Chapman Stick to over 6 million viewers. In 2009 he performed on guitar with Shellie Morris at the Sydney Opera house with world-renowned aboriginal musician Gurrumul Yunupingu this was filmed and featured nationally on two episodes of ABC TV's Message Stick program. In 2008 Glen worked with African refugees from Liberia that had relocated to the Northern Territory in Darwin.

He was musical director of the'Liberty Songs' music project writing and producing the music performed in a musical collaboration between African and Aboriginal musicians. Following this Glen recorded the Darwin African choir. Glen produced the music for the Aboriginal film In a League of Their Own in 2009, which follows Australia's first all-black football team through their first season in the big league. Heald works with Aboriginal communities and youth throughout Australia helping aboriginal people to produce and recording music about their stories and experiences, he has produced and recorded music and videos for the Fred Hollows Foundation and The Jimmy Little Foundation. In addition to this Glen worked for four years in Darwin Correctional Centre as a music teacher helping Aboriginal people record and produce music. Heald has produced and released seven studio albums, His self-titled electric rock CD and his album Progressive rock containing some interesting Chapman Stick performances in odd time signatures.

On the self-titled album'Glen Heald' he sings and plays electric slide guitar in a hard rock or blues rock style. His solos on electric guitar are in the style of Jimi Hendrix or Robin Trower, he employs standard drop D, open D major, DADGAD and open G major tunings, for many compositions and sings in a Tom Waits or Captain Beefheart style. Styles range from electric funk to heavy blues rock ballads, with the emphasis on electric guitar players from the power trio era. 2015 saw the release of his fifth electric rock album'Glen Heald The best of 2010-2015' featuring ten instrumental guitar tracks in a progressive rock format, selected from tracks released on his first four albums. In September 2017 Glen Heald released the acid rock and progressive rock album titled "Marrawah"; the album contains many guitar riffs and melodies and sees Glen Heald again performing with his brother Dave Heald on electric bass. The album contains varied material ranging from longer guitar improvisations on slide guitar and resonator guitar, as well as a reggae song highlighting the continued and high incarceration of Australian Aboriginal people.

2018 saw Glen release his first acoustic album "Acoustic Guitar Culture. This album is written in DADGAD and open G guitar tunings and is written in a more contemporary folk style. In 2019 Heald released his seventh studio album titled "Electric Guitar Solos" This is an album showcasing Glen's improvisational ability on electric guitar in a three piece power trio format; the songs on the album contain elements of the Chicago blues style. Some of the other influences for the album come from guitar players such as Robin Trower, Jimi Hendrix, Frank Zappa, Roy Buchanan and David Gilmour. Electric Guitar Solos Glen Heald Acoustic Guitar Culture Glen Heald Marrawah Glen Heald Glen Heald The Best of 2010-2015 Glen Heald The Hanged Man Glen Heald Outsider Glen Heald Debut Glen Heald Progressive Rock Shellie Morris & Glen Heald Waiting Road Shellie Morris Debut Aboriginal Soul Geoffrey

Worm's Eye View

Worm's Eye View is a 1951 British Technicolor comedy film directed by Jack Raymond and starring Ronald Shiner as Sam Porter and Diana Dors as Thelma. Based on the successful play of the same name by R. F. Delderfield, it was produced by Byron Film; the film is set in a family home during World War II. Their bitter landlady is not pleased by five fighters from the Royal Air Force who are staying there and she re-directs unjustly her frustrations against the family. Part of the film appears in Shiner. Ronald Shiner as Sam Porter Garry Marsh as Pop Brownlow Diana Dors as Thelma John Blythe as Duke Bruce Seton as Squadron Leader Briarly Digby Wolfe as Corporal Mark Trelawney Eric Davies as Taffy Everley Gregg as Mrs. Bounty Christina Forrest as Bella Bounty Jonathan Field as Sydney William Percy as Mr Bounty TV Guide wrote, "some mild amusement is to be found here in the dialogue, though all in all this is nothing special. British filmgoers thought otherwise, making both the film and Shiner big successes."Worm's Eye View was the sixth most popular film at the British box office in 1951.

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Jewish Orthodox Feminist Alliance

The Jewish Orthodox Feminist Alliance was founded in 1997 with the aim of "expand the spiritual, ritual and political opportunities for women within the framework of halakha," or Jewish law. According to its website, JOFA's mission is to advocate the "meaningful participation" of women, to the fullest extent possible within the framework of halakha, in family life, houses of learning, within the Jewish community in general. JOFA was founded in 1997 after the first International Conference on Feminism and Orthodoxy, organized by Jewish-American writer Blu Greenberg. Greenberg was a cofounder and the first president of JOFA. JOFA has grown from a small group who met at Greenberg's kitchen table to become a professionally staffed, international alliance, active in North America and England. Robin Bodner was the Executive Director of the organization for over a decade, she retired in early 2012, shortly thereafter Dr. Elana Maryles Sztokman became Executive Director. Sztokman is credited with raising JOFA's public profile, reaching out to young Orthodox feminists, connecting with social activists around the United States and around the world, launching JOFA UK with JOFA UK Ambassador Dina Brawer, re-crafting the JOFA message around sophisticated feminist thought.

In January 2014, JOFA announced. In September 2014, Dr. Sharon Weiss-Greenberg assumed the position of Executive Director. Weiss-Greenberg has drastically increased the online presence of JOFA and the diversity of its constituents, their Facebook page more than doubled its reach within a year of her stepping into the position. It was under her tutelage that JOFA began creating chapters to engage and empower communities outside of the New York area, she was successful in broadening the tent of those who identify as a #HumanOfJOFA. In February 2019, Daphne Lazar-Price was appointed the executive director of JOFA. JOFA has published numerous halakhic guides as a part of the Ta Shma series, educating the public about topics related to women's involvement in Orthodox Jewish ritual. Topics include: May Women Touch a Torah Scroll? Women's Obligation in Kiddush of Shabbat A Daughter’s Recitation of Mourner’s Kaddish JOFA's interactive app allows women and men to learn the cantillations for reading Megillat Esther.

The app can be downloaded to your smart phone or tablet or can be used on the web with Chrome or Safari browsers. The user can practice by following along with the megillah text. An easy to use navigation system allows the user to replay desired sections, both with and without the cantillation marks appearing on the screen; the app includes instructions on how to organize a megillah reading, a halakhic discussion of the sources for women's reading of the megillah, a dvar Torah about the Book of Esther and more. In 2014, JOFA launched an initiative to sponsor artwork for the creation of an educational poster featuring notable female Jewish scholars, to be used to decorate sukkot. Female Spiritual Leaders in Synagogues In November 2019, JOFA announced an initiative to pay Orthodox Jewish Synagogues in the US an annual grant of up to $10,000 to hire women in the newly created role of spiritual leader. Orthodox Jewish feminism Partnership minyan Shira Hadasha Women in Rachel. "Feminist Judaism: Past and Future", Winter 2002, Vol. 51, No 4.

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