Glen O'Dee Hospital

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Glen O'Dee Hospital
NHS Grampian
Location Banchory, Aberdeenshire, Scotland, United Kingdom
Care system Public NHS
Hospital type Community
Emergency department No Accident & Emergency
Founded 1900
Website NHS Grampian - Glen O'Dee Hospital - Banchory
Lists Hospitals in Scotland
Other links List of hospitals in Scotland
The original Glen O' Dee Hospital, nurses quarter internal corridor

Glen O' Dee Hospital is situated in the west end of Banchory, Aberdeenshire, Scotland. It is a community hospital that provides services for the population of Royal Deeside supported by the general practitioners from the local GP practices.


The original building was built in 1900[1] and started its life as Nordrach on Dee Hospital,[2] a sanctuary for tuberculosis patients.[3] When TB died down it served as a luxury hotel (when it became "Glen O' Dee"), but was taken over during the war to serve as a billet for troops. In 1955 it became a convalescent hospital.[4] It reprised its role in contagious diseases when the typhoid epidemic hit nearby Aberdeen in the 1960s, but its last use was as a residential home for the elderly. The original building closed in 1998, when a new purpose built building was built on the same site.

The original building has been featured on the BBC's Restoration programme, but it has sat empty and deteriorating since 1998.

The historic building was destroyed by fire on 14 October 2016, with police treating the incident as wilful fire-raising.[5]

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