Glenview, Oakland, California

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Location of Glenview in the City of Oakland.

Glenview is a neighborhood in Oakland, California. The neighborhood lies in the Oakland foothills, bordering Dimond Park on the eastern side of the district, Park Boulevard on the southwestern side. The northwestern portion crosses Park Boulevard and is bordered by Piedmont at Trestle Glen.

The neighborhood is more affluent than Oakland as a whole, with a median household income of $90,308 (versus $51,473 for Oakland) in 2009.[1]

Key System streetcars used to travel up Park Boulevard and over the Leimert Bridge and provided early access to the employment centers.

Park Boulevard as the neighborhood spine also serves as the local shopping node, with a small number of convenience shops and several restaurants stretching a few blocks. Local and transbay buses also traverse the neighborhood here.

Glenview measures 0.69 square miles (1.8 km2) and housed 5,947 people in 2008.[2]

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