Gli angeli di Borsellino

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Gli angeli di Borsellino
Directed by Rocco Cesareo
Written by Ugo Barbàra, Paolo Zucca, Mirco Da Lio e Massimo Di Martino
Starring Brigitta Boccoli
Toni Garrani
Pino Insegno
Benedicta Boccoli
Release date
Running time
85 mins.
Country Italy
Language Italian

The Angels of Borsellino (Italian: Gli angeli di Borsellino) is a 2003 Italian film written by Ugo Barbàra, Paolo Zucca, Mirco Da Lio, and Massimo Di Martino, and directed by Rocco Cesareo. The film concerns the lives of the Sicilian judges Giovanni Falcone and Paolo Borsellino.


Emanuela is a police bodyguard in charge of escorting judge Paolo Borsellino. In the film she speaks about her work and her fears during the 57 days (13 May to 19 July 1992) between the murder of Giovanni Falcone, and that of Borsellino.


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