Glow in the Dark (book)

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Glow in the Dark
Cover of Glow in the Dark
Author Kanye West
Illustrator Nabil Elderkin (photography)
Cover artist Base
Country United States
Language English
Publisher Rizzoli USA
Publication date
October 2009
Pages 288
ISBN 0-8478-3240-6

Glow in the Dark is a 2009 biographical photo essay about Kanye West's "Glow in the Dark Tour" and is authored by Kanye West and published by Rizzoli USA. It was launched in October 2009.[1] West worked together with Australian-American photographer Nabil Elderkin to put together this book.[2] The book designed by Base[3] includes 400 of Elderkin's exclusive photos of the tour.[4]

The 9" x 13" 288-page hardcover book that comes in a clamshell case, serves as a documentation of Kanye's 2008 tour and features photographs that show Kanye on and off stage, conceptual plans for the tour's set design and costumes, behind the scene takes and exclusive commentary. It also contained a 5-track CD of unreleased music with symphonics from the show and instrumental recordings.[citation needed]