Gnome-Rhône 18L

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Gnome et Rhône 18L.jpg
Type Radial engine
National origin France
Manufacturer Gnome et Rhône

The Gnome et Rhône 18L was a French-designed twin-row 18-cylinder air-cooled radial engine. The 18L was a large step up in terms of displacement, power and number of cylinders. The majority of Gnome-Rhone engines were either 7, 9 or 14 cylinders. The engine proved not to be a success, and it was dropped in 1939 due to a poor power-to-weight ratio.

Specifications (Gnome Rhone 18L-00)[edit]

Data from Flight:POWER at the SALON[1]

General characteristics

  • Type: 18-cylinder twin-row air-cooled radial engine
  • Bore: 146 mm (5.7 in)
  • Stroke: 190 mm (7.5 in)
  • Displacement: 54.2 l (3,310 cu in)
  • Height: 1,400 mm (55 in)
  • Dry weight: 736 kg (1,623 lb)



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