Golden Hinde (mountain)

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Golden Hinde
Golden Hinde, south aspect, August 2006.
Highest point
Elevation2,195 m (7,201 ft) [1]
Prominence2,195 m (7,201 ft) [1]
Coordinates49°39′46″N 125°44′49″W / 49.66278°N 125.74694°W / 49.66278; -125.74694Coordinates: 49°39′46″N 125°44′49″W / 49.66278°N 125.74694°W / 49.66278; -125.74694[2]
Golden Hinde is located in British Columbia
Golden Hinde
Golden Hinde
British Columbia, Canada
LocationVancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada
Parent rangeVancouver Island Ranges
Topo mapNTS 92/F12
First ascentEinar Anderson, W.R. Kent 1913 or 1914
Easiest routerock climb

The Golden Hinde is a mountain located in the Vancouver Island Ranges on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada. At 2,195 metres (7,201 ft),[3] it is the highest peak on the island; the mountain is located near the geographic centre of Vancouver Island, as well as near the centre of 2,450 km2 (605,408 acres) Strathcona Provincial Park, at the head of the Wolf River and to the west of Buttle Lake, about 25 kilometres (16 mi) east of the community of Gold River. The peak is popular with experienced backcountry-climbers, having been first ascended in 1913; the mountain is made of basalt which is part of the Karmutsen Formation.[4]

The mountain took its name from Sir Francis Drake's ship, the Golden Hind, by an early fur-trading captain, who was reminded of Drake's ship as sunset hit the mountain (which is visible from the west coast of the Island) and in honour of Drake's reputed presence off the coast of the future British Columbia during the explorer's circumnavigation of the globe from 1577–80 (see New Albion); the present name was not officially conferred until 1938, but this was done after a reference to the peak in a fur-trader's log. The alternative name "The Rooster's Comb" was used by early alpinists because of the mountain's appearance.[5]

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