Golden Throne (mountain)

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Golden Throne
The Golden Throne from Capitol Gorge
Highest point
Elevation7,042 ft (2,146 m)  NGVD 29[1]
Prominence462 ft (141 m) [1]
Coordinates38°13′06″N 111°11′03″W / 38.2183142°N 111.1840563°W / 38.2183142; -111.1840563Coordinates: 38°13′06″N 111°11′03″W / 38.2183142°N 111.1840563°W / 38.2183142; -111.1840563[2]
Golden Throne is located in Utah
Golden Throne
Golden Throne
LocationWayne County, Utah U.S.
Topo mapUSGS Golden Throne
Easiest routeStrenuous hike[3]

The Golden Throne is a mountain located in Capitol Reef National Park, in Utah, U.S. It is a rock formation dome made of a gold color stained Navajo Sandstone, which is particularly special because normally the sandstone is creamy white or red. The presence of a small amount of the Carmel Formation on top of the Navajo Sandstone is the reason for this staining.

A two-mile-long (3.2 km) trail runs below the mountain. The summit is 7,042 feet (2,146 m) in elevation and is part of the Waterpocket Fold, a nearly 100-mile-long (160 km) monocline.


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