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Good Words
Good Words Volume 1.jpg
Vol 1 title page, 1860.
EditorNorman Macleod
Year founded1860
Final issue1910

Good Words was a 19th-century monthly periodical in the United Kingdom. It was established in 1860 by Scottish publisher Alexander Strahan,[1] its first editor was Norman Macleod. After his death in 1872, it was edited by his brother, Donald Macleod,[2] though there is some evidence that at this time the publishing was taken over by W. Isbister & Co.[3]

Good Words was directed at evangelicals and nonconformists, particularly of the lower middle class; the magazine included overtly religious material, also fiction and nonfiction articles on general subjects, including science.[4] The standard for content was that the devout must be able to read it on Sundays without sin.[5]

Good Words was known for illustrations by such artists as John Everett Millais and Arthur Boyd Houghton and engraved by the Brothers Dalziel.[6]

In 1863, Norman Macleod wrote that the magazine had a circulation of 70,000.[1] In the following year, it advertised itself as having a monthly circulation of 160,000, although that number is probably exaggerated.[7][8]

In 1906, Good Words was amalgamated with the weekly Sunday Magazine, and published in that format until 1910.[9]


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