Gothenburg Synagogue

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Gothenburg Synagogue
Synagoga synagogue Goteborg Göteborg.JPG
Gothenburg Synagogue
Basic information
Affiliation Judaism
Municipality Göteborg
Country Sweden
Completed 1855 (1855)

The Gothenburg Synagogue (Swedish: Göteborgs synagoga) at Stora Nygatan, near Drottningtorget, Gothenburg, Sweden, was opened in 1855[1] according to the designs of the German architect August Krüger. The synagogue has 300 seats.

Between 25-30% of the membership fees are used for security measures, as Jews are attacked by migrants from the Middle East, the far-left and the far-right.[2]

The synagogue was firebombed on Saturday, 9 December 2017.[3][4] Three non-Swedish men were arrested.[5][6] Prosecutor Stina Lundqvist said about 10 to 15 people may have attacked "in concert".[7] The attack was condemned as antisemitic by mayor Ann-Sofie Hermansson.[7] In the aftermath of the attack, the synagogue was visited by two cabinet ministers in a show of support from the highest political level.[7]

Coordinates: 57°42′20″N 11°58′21″E / 57.70556°N 11.97250°E / 57.70556; 11.97250


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