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Gradascica Creek.jpg
The Gradaščica near Stranska Vas
Country Slovenia
Physical characteristics
Main source 737 metres (2,418 ft)[1]
River mouth 287 metres (942 ft)[1]
Length 33 kilometres (21 mi)[1]

The Gradaščica is a river in Slovenia, the river is 33 km (21 mi) long.[1] It begins in Polhov Gradec at the confluence of Little Creek (Slovene: Mala Voda) and Big Božna Creek. Near Vrhovci it is joined by Horjulščica Creek (also known as Horjulka Creek). Not far past Bokalce, most of the stream is split off into the Mali Graben and the rest continues as the Gradaščica (also known as the Mestna Gradaščica 'Town Gradaščica'). This continues through the Vrhovci neighborhood into the Vič District, where it is joined by Glinščica Creek, before continuing into the Trnovo District and emptying into the Ljubljanica.


In the downstream order:


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Coordinates: 46°2′38″N 14°30′20″E / 46.04389°N 14.50556°E / 46.04389; 14.50556