Grand Hotel Tijuana

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Plaza Aguacaliente & Grand Hotel Tijuana
General information
Type office, commercial centre, hotel
Location Zona Rio, Tijuana
Construction started 1979
Completed 1982
Opening 1982
Roof 89.9 metres (295 ft)
Technical details
Floor count 28

The Plaza Aguacaliente & Grand Hotel Tijuana (commonly known by locals as Las Torres) is a high-rise complex of twin skyscrapers in Tijuana, Mexico. With a height of 89.9 meters (295 feet) to the top floor, and 28 stories, they were the tallest buildings in Tijuana and Baja California upon completion in 1982 and were among the first skyscrapers constructed in the city.[citation needed]


The towers were developed by the Bustamante family, a traditional family of the city and among the initial developers of the city, including the partial development in the mid-60's of Playas de Tijuana.[citation needed]


The complex consists of two towers, east and west towers, linked by two floor levels. East tower, Grand Hotel Tower I, is mainly for commercial purposes, while west tower, Grand Hotel Tower II, is home for the five-star grand hotel. The complex is located within the central business district of Tijuana, Zona Rio.[citation needed]


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