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The Grand Larousse encyclopédique en dix volumes ("Big Larousse encyclopedia in ten volumes") is a French encyclopedic dictionary published by Larousse between February 1960 and August 1964,[1] with two later supplements that update the content to 1975.[2]

It is both a dictionary, focusing on the study and the presentation of the words of the French language, and an encyclopaedia, covering all branches of knowledge; in 1971, Larousse began publishing the much larger 20-volume "Grande Encyclopédie Larousse", with functional dictionary entries diminished, and regular encyclopedia articles greatly expanded.[3]

Online version[edit]

In May 2008, Larousse launched its encyclopedia online; in addition to the verified content from the paper encyclopedia, it is open to external contributors. Each article is signed by a single author who remains the only one authorized to make modifications.

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