Great Mosque of Testour

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Great Mosque of Testour
الجامع الكبير بتستور
Grande mosquée de testour001.jpg
Basic information
LocationTestour, Tunisia
Geographic coordinates36°33′14″N 09°26′49″E / 36.55389°N 9.44694°E / 36.55389; 9.44694Coordinates: 36°33′14″N 09°26′49″E / 36.55389°N 9.44694°E / 36.55389; 9.44694
RegionNorth Africa
Architectural description
Architect(s)Muhammad Tagharinu (patron)[1]
Architectural typeMosque
Architectural styleIslamic
Minaret height23m
Materialslimestone, Spanish sand, marble, porcelain (mihrab)

The Great Mosque of Testour (Arabic: الجامع الكبير بتستور‎) is a mosque located in the city of Testour in Beja Governorate, Tunisia. It is 76 km from the capital Tunis, in the center of the old city. It embodies the Andalusian architecture, especially its minaret, which features Andalusian style inscriptions and architectural elements. The height of the minaret is 23 meters and it is an octagonal shape. The facade of the minaret are opened with small double windows decorated with glazed inscriptions and a mechanical clock at the top. Its appearance is resembling the Aragonese bell towers in southern Spain. The prayer hall, in addition to the sahn located in the center of the mosque, can accommodate up to 1000 worshipers. The construction of the mosque used limestone, Spanish sand and marble in addition to colored porcelain and tiles used in the construction of the mihrab. The mosque dates back to 1631, and its patron is Muhammad Tigharinu[1] an immigrant of Andalusian origin who settled at Testour in 1609.[2]

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