Great Mosque of Touba

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Great Mosque of Touba
Touba moschee.jpg
The central Mosque of the Mouride sufi order at Touba, Senegal.
Basic information
Location Touba, Senegal
Geographic coordinates 14°51′47.2″N 15°52′31.7″W / 14.863111°N 15.875472°W / 14.863111; -15.875472Coordinates: 14°51′47.2″N 15°52′31.7″W / 14.863111°N 15.875472°W / 14.863111; -15.875472


Municipality Touba
Territory West Africa
State Senegal
Province Mbacké
Region Diourbel
Country Senegal
Status Mosque
Leadership Amadou Bamba clan
Architectural description
Architectural type Mosque
Architectural style Islamic Architecture
Capacity 7,000

The Great Mosque of Touba (French: Grande Mosquée de Touba) is a mosque in Touba, Senegal.It was founded by Amadou Bamba in 1887 and completed in 1963. Bamba died in 1927 and is interred inside the mosque.[3]Since his death the mosque is being controlled by his family. It is the largest building in the city and one of the largest mosques in Africa, with a capacity of 7,000.[3] It is the sight of a pilgrimage, the Grand Magal of Touba.

Interior of the Great Mosque

It is the home of the Mouride Brotherhood, a Sufi order.


The mosque has five minarets and three large domes. The central minaret is 87-metre (285 ft) tall,and is called Lamp Fall,who is a reference to Sheikh Ibrahima Fall, one of Bamba’s most influential disciples.

The immediate vicinity of the mosque houses the mausolea of Amadou Bamba’s sons, the caliphs of the Mouride order. Other important institutions in the center of the holy city include a library, the Caliph’s official audience hall, a sacred “Well of Mercy”, and a cemetery.


Amadou Bamba, buried inside the mosque.


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