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The Great North Woods are spread across four northeastern U.S. states: Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont and New York and into the Canadian province of Quebec, from the Down East lakes to the Adirondack Mountains. Collectively, the Great North Woods make up a 26 million acre (105,000 km²) forestland.

New Hampshire[edit]

In New Hampshire, the Great North Woods is an official state tourist region, located in Coös County, the northernmost county in the state. The northern part of the White Mountain National Forest is located in this region. The city of Berlin, formerly known for its large paper mill, is found in the Great North Woods Region of New Hampshire.


The Great North Woods Region in Maine refers to the unincorporated townships in Aroostook County. Currently, this is an unofficial region of Maine, and no official population figures are published.


Vermont's Great North Woods region is an unofficial region of Vermont, and is located mainly in the Northeast Kingdom, bordering New Hampshire and Québec. The Northeast Kingdom region of Vermont is very remote and rural.

New York[edit]

Upstate New York's Great North Woods is located in the extreme northern part of the state. Like Maine and Vermont, the Great North Woods region is an unofficial region. In New York, this region includes the very northern section of the Adirondack Mountains and points north, to the Québec border.

Major towns and cities[edit]

The Great North Woods is home to cities such as Plattsburgh, New York; Sherbrooke, Quebec; Burlington, Vermont; and Berlin, New Hampshire.

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