Greater Sierra (oil field)

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Greater Sierra
Greater Sierra (oil field) is located in British Columbia
Greater Sierra (oil field)
Location of Greater Sierra in British Columbia
Country Canada
Region British Columbia
Offshore/onshore onshore
Coordinates 58°50′N 121°25′W / 58.833°N 121.417°W / 58.833; -121.417Coordinates: 58°50′N 121°25′W / 58.833°N 121.417°W / 58.833; -121.417
Operators EnCana, Devon, Petrocanada, Husky, CNRL
Field history
Start of production 2000s
Producing formations Jean Marie, Muskwa, Horn River Formation

Greater Sierra (also called Helmet Area) is a large oil and gas field in northeastern British Columbia, Canada.

It is located east and north from the town of Fort Nelson, extending to the Alberta and Northwest Territories borders (150 and 130km respectively).

Drilling rig in the Sierra Oil Field

Drilling activity takes place largely during the winter months, when the otherwise soft muskeg and boreal forest can be crossed on winter roads. Infrastructure is funded by a combination of private and public funds.[1]

Major projects tap in the large gas reservoirs hosted in Mississippian and Devonian limestones such as the Jean Marie Member of the Redknife Formation.[2]

Recent projects extract gas from the Muskwa Formation and Horn River Formation. Horizontal drilling and fracturing techniques are used to extract the gas from the low permeability shales.[3]

Due to the large extent, the field is served by several airstrips (Helmet Airport, Fort Nelson/Mobil Sierra Airport, Fort Nelson Airport).


Companies with large interests in the area include Devon Energy, Encana Corporation, Canadian Natural Resources and Petro-Canada.

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