Greek National Tourism Organization

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Greek National Tourism Organization
Εθνικός Οργανισμός Τουρισμού
Greek National Tourism Organization logo.svg
The organization's new logo.
Agency overview
Formed1927 (1927), re-established in 1950 (1950)
JurisdictionMinistry for Culture and Tourism
Headquarters7 Tsoha Street
11521 Athens
Agency executives

The Greek National Tourism Organization (Greek: Εθνικός Οργανισμός Τουρισμού, Ethnikos Organismos Tourismou), often appreviated as GNTO (Greek: EOT) is the governmental department for the promotion of tourism in Greece. It functions under the supervision of the Ministry for Culture and Tourism.


The Greek National Tourism Organization was founded in 1927 with the aim of promoting tourism in Greece.[1] For a time period after its establishment the organization was taken over by various ministries, until it was re-founded in 1950.[1] The agency has helped increase tourism in Greece since the 1950s and advertises the country as a tourist destination. Currently, the agency is the single largest tourism promotion agency in the country, and has 27 offices in 21 countries, on four continents.[2]

Since 2005, the organization has been subdivided into Regional Departments of Tourism.[1]

Promotion work[edit]

Seaside in Greece poster, part of the "xx in Greece" campaign of 2010.

Every year the organization chooses a different theme and motto for its advertising campaigns. Over the years, various successful advertising campaigns have been funded by the organization, including the very successful "Live your myth in Greece" campaign. The 2010 campaign's motto was "You in Greece" and "xx in Greece",[3] and mainly focused on the many opportunities the country provides for tourists, with a variety of different destinations and activities. "You in Athens" and "You in Thessaloniki" were also used to promote the country's two largest cities and centers of culture and entertainment.[4] The 2010 advertising campaign published a variety of promotional TV spots in line with the "You in Greece" poster campaign, which were translated to various languages, including Chinese, Bulgarian, and German.[5]

Previous campaign slogans include:

  • "Live your Myth in Greece" (2005)
  • "Greece 5000 years old: a masterpiece you can afford"
  • "Greece: explore your senses"
  • "My Greek experience" (2008; TV commercials using amateur videos)
  • "Greece: Kalimera!" (2009)
  • "Greece: You in Greece" (2010)
  • "Greece: All Time Classic" (2014)

Offices abroad[edit]

Currently the GNTO operates offices in the following countries:[2]

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