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GB Metro logo.png
Headquarters901 University Avenue
Green Bay, Wisconsin, United States
Service areaGreen Bay and Brown County
Routes15 full service routes
one limited service route
4 gameday routes
Daily ridership3,192 (avg. weekday 2017) [1]
OperatorCity of Green Bay

Green Bay Metro, (originally known as Green Bay Transit prior to 2001), is the mass transit system found in the city of Green Bay, Wisconsin. It also provides service in Ashwaubenon, Allouez, De Pere, and Bellevue.


From 1916 through 1972, the Wisconsin Public Service Corporation (WPS), a privately owned utility company, provided streetcar and bus service in the Green Bay Metropolitan Area. In the late 1960s, bus ridership decreases combined with rising expenses forced WPS to reduce deficits by cutting back on service. Service cutbacks, in turn, contributed to further decreases in ridership and even greater revenue losses, resulting in a downward spiral of service, ridership, and revenue. In April 1972, WPS offered to sell the bus company to the city of Green Bay with an agreement to reimburse the city for the full purchase price of $270,000 in the form of an operating subsidy over a five-year period. In January 1973, WPS was granted the right to discontinue bus service in the Green Bay Metropolitan Area, at which time the city of Green Bay leased the bus system from WPS through the remainder of 1973; this action avoided a discontinuance of service and allowed time for the city to create the Transit Commission, consider alternative plans for the system developed by the Brown County Planning Commission (BCPC), and prepare for a public referendum on the purchase of the system. On April 3, 1973, 71 percent of the public voted in favor on a referendum calling for the purchase of the system from WPS. In July 2015, Greyhound Bus service was added to the Green Bay Metro Transit terminal after Greyhound Lines moved from their old bus station located between Cedar Street and Main Street.


The bus transit system service method used in the Green Bay area is called a "radial pulse" system; the system is called "radial" because the layout of the routes brings all buses to the downtown transitway and then radiates them out in a spoke-like fashion to cover the service area. It is called a "pulse" system because all routes are timed to arrive at the downtown transitway at regular intervals, allowing for transfers with little or no waiting; this type of system has been in operation since 1937.

Most routes either begin/end their route or "transfer", or stop for a period of typically 5–8 minutes, at several hubs around the area known as "Transfer Points". There are currently four transfer points within this area:

Point Name Street Located On Routes Passing
Green Bay Metro University Avenue 1, 2, 3/4, 5, 6, 7, 8/9, 11, 13, 14, 18
Bay Park Square Transfer Point South Oneida Street 8, 9, 10, 17
Green Bay Plaza Transfer Point South Military Avenue 3/4, 5, 6, 8/9
Shopko/De Pere Transfer Point North Wisconsin Street 11, 17

According to several annual reports for Green Bay Metro,[1] an east side transfer point is being considered. In public meetings held in relation to the creation of routes 9 Tan and 13 River (along with modifications to several routes), 2015 Transit Director Patty Kiewiz had stated that there will be a study conducted on the east side when asked about the addition of an east side transfer point. In August 2015, the East Side Study had been published to the Brown County website.[2]

The system does not operate on Sunday.

On a five-year average the city of Green Bay has a total estimated budget for transportation of $7,770,111 with the city itself contributing $1,395,894; the remainder of the budget comes from federal and state funding as well as other revenue. The 2014 Green Bay Final Budget shows the Bus Operations having $6,255,258 in expenses and $1,079,500 in revenue; this adds up to a $5,175,758 deficit for 2014.[3]

Bus routes[edit]

Regular Service[edit]

Routes that typically run from 5:15am–9:45pm weekdays, and 7:15am–6:45pm Saturdays; these routes are not serviced on Sundays, nor on New Year's Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day or Christmas Day.[4]

No. Name Notes
1 Brown Line Stops at East Town Mall, Aurora Hospital, Edison Middle School, Happy Joe's Pizza, Prevea, Brown County Library East, Service Plus, and Biolife East.
2 Orange Zippin Line Stops at Paul's Pantry/St. Vincent DePaul, Bay Beach Amusement Park, Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary (upon request), Post Office, East High School, and University Avenue Market
3 Silver Line Runs on similar path to 4 in opposite direction, No service Saturdays, Transfers at Green Bay Plaza.

Stops at St. Mary's Hospital, Aspiro Dousman, Aspiro Stiles, West High School, The Salvation Army, Social Security Administration, Shopko West, Meijer, House of Hope, Green Bay Plaza, and KI Convention Center

4 Blue Line Runs on similar path to 3 in opposite direction, Transfers at Green Bay Plaza.

Stops at St. Mary's Hospital, Aspiro Dousman, Aspiro Stiles, West High School, The Salvation Army, Social Security Administration, Shopko West, Meijer, House of Hope, Green Bay Plaza, and KI Convention Center

5 Plum Line Runs 5:45-9:45am/1:45-5:45pm weekdays, No service Saturdays, Transfers at Green Bay Plaza.

Stops at Southwest High School, Lombardi Middle School, Brown County Library Southwest Branch, Green Bay Plaza, Park Place, Mason Manor, Brown County Health Dept., and Brown County Courthouse.

6 Red Line 2 buses running on Saturdays from 12:15-4:15, Transfers at Green Bay Plaza.

Stops at Northeast Wisconsin Technical College, Walmart/Sam's Club West, Rasmussen College, Green Bay Plaza, Green Bay Botanical Gardens, Shopko West, Goodwill West, Festival Foods West, Mason Manor, Post Office, Franklin Middle School, Notre Dame Academy, Brown County Library, and Biolife West.

7 Lime Line Stops at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay, University Avenue Market, Brown County Community Treatment Center, Brown County Jail, N.E.W. Curative, Baird Elementary, Manna For Life, Nicolet Elementary, Milo C. Huempfner VA Clinic, and Boys & Girls Club East.
8 Green Line Stops at Green Bay Plaza, Brown County Library, Bay Park Square, Lambeau Field, Target West, Fort Howard Elementary School, Resch Center, Social Security Administration, and West High School.
9 Gold Line Stops at Bay Park Square, Green Bay Plaza, Lambeau Field, Social Security Administration, Target West, QPS, Ashwaubenon High School, and Parkview Middle School.
10 Yellow Line Starts at Bay Park Square, Does Not go to Metro Station.

Bay Park Square, Department of Motor Vehicles, Goodwill Ashwaubenon, Tufco Technologies, Schneider National, Bellin, and Prevea.

11 Sky Line Transfers at De Pere Shopko.

Stops at St. Vincent Hospital/Bellin Hospital, Prevea, Broadview YMCA, Labor Ready, Cerebral Palsy Center, and Green Bay Correctional Institution.

12 Coal Line Stops at St. Vincent Hospital, Bellin Hospital and Brown County Library East.
13 River Line Covers Downtown Green Bay area.

Stops at Aging & Disability Resource Center, Brown County Court House, Brown County Library Downtown, Green Bay City Hall, New Community Shelter, EGS Customer Care, and KI Convention Center.

14 Pink Line Stops at Walmart East, East Town Mall, Pick 'n Save East, Goodwill East, American Red Cross, and Preble High School
17 Brick Line Starts at Shopko De Pere, Does not go to Metro Station, Transfers at Bay Park Square.

Stops at St. Norbert College, Shopko De Pere, Walmart De Pere, Syble Hopp School, Humana, De Pere Library, De Pere Police Station, Festival Foods De Pere, and Bay Park Square.

18 Tan Line Stops at Target East, Pick 'n Save East, Kroc Community Center, The Children's Museum of Green Bay, East High School, Washington Middle School, and Costco.

Packers Gameday Routes[edit]

Packers Gameday Routes are bus routes that only operate on the day of a Green Bay Packers football game being played at home. Instead of using the Transportation Center, these routes all begin and end at Lambeau Field; these routes are known as Cheesehead, QB Sneak, Lambeau Leap, and Quick Slant.

Limited Service[edit]

Limited service route #78 operates on regularly scheduled school days and is open to the general public.

Bus Fleet[edit]

As of March 2017, the Green Bay Metro bus system has 35 buses in use; the system uses 25 buses during peak hours.[1]

Count Year/Make Length
9 2003 New Flyer 30 feet
3 2004 New Flyer 30 feet
9 2009 New Flyer 35 feet
10 2011 Gilig 35 feet
4 2014 Gilig 40 feet

The average age of the system's buses is 8.7 years, with the oldest 9 buses being 14 years old. Green Bay Metro has been planning on replacing older buses, but sufficient funding hasn't been able to have been established to replace all older buses at once; the system anticipates needing to order between 9 and 12 new buses by the year 2021.[1]

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