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Green Party of Albania
Partia e Gjelbër e Shqipërisë
Leader Edlir Petanaj
Founded 15-12-2007 (15-12-2007)
Preceded by Party " The Greens of Albania"
Headquarters Bulevardi Bajram Curri, Pallati 31, Shkalla 1, Apartamenti 4,
Tirana, Albania[1]
Youth wing Young Greens of Albania
Ideology Green politics
Political position Centre-left
European affiliation European Green Party
International affiliation Global Greens
Colours Green
0 / 140
0 / 61
Municipal councils
12 / 1,785
Coat of arms of Albania.svg
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The Green Party of Albania ([Partia e Gjelbër or Të gjelbrit] error: {{lang-xx}}: text has italic markup (help), PGJ), is a political party in Albania which follows the traditions of Green politics and maintains a strong commitment to social progressivism. Albanian Green Party was created on 15 December 2007 and is a full member of Global Greens and European Green Party.


Greens in Albania were born as a political necessity take their place in Albanian politics. The importance and urgency to solve numerous environmental concerns in Albania enabled on the political scene at the initiative of a group of young intellectuals different fields, founded on 1 September 2001 political movement named "The Greens of Albania". From December 15th,2007 its official name is Green Party of Albania. This movement joined environmental groups and environmental clubs representing environmental civil society. This political movement was created to give the alarm to ecological crisis we are going through. Since its inception it took several concrete steps for awareness and sensitization of the population to respond to this crisis. "The Greens" developed a political platform which provides alternatives and ways to be followed to overcome this ecological crisis. This political platform should be discussed with a wider number of people across the country. This led to the creation of movements green locally in all 12 districts of the country. A series of events followed the political activity of the "Greens" protests occupy an important place. Through their "Greens" react to environmental degradation and pollution and sensibilities public. For the Green Party therefore undertook a series of concrete actions for awareness and sensitization of the population such as: seminars, workshops, environmental conferences, distribution of posters, leaflets, territory cleaning activities and waste reduction, etc.. This activity found wide support in different layers of the population. It fell very noticeable was the young student which occupied an important part in all events. Soon "Greens" decided to be part of the European Green family. This new initiative policy required a strong commitment to make this "Green Movement" in a genuine political institution based on the principles of the European Green Party. On 13 October 2008, the Green Party become full member of the Green Party Europe. It has its representative with voting rights in the General Council of the European Green Party. Under the motto protected environment vote Greens participated for the first time in Albanian local elections, 2003 winning local councilors. Thus began their representation in local decision-making structures. Since that time, the Green Party regularly participates in local and parliamentary elections were held. In the last Albanian local elections, 2011, the Green Party achieved a very good result, as the number of votes received, which were 20 times higher than previous elections, but a growing number of advisers, which was 5 times more than in the past choices.

Seats in parliament[edit]

Year Votes  % Seats Number of
total seats
2009 437 0.03 0 140
2013 2,084 0.12 0 140
2017 140

Chairmen of PGJ[edit]

Person Period
Edlir Petanaj 2007 – today

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